Cultivation, meaning and benefits of the hawthorn

Ideal to decorate the garden, the hawthorn belongs to Rosaceae family because of its flowers that resemble small simple white roses. Its origins are not well defined since it is a species with vast types of specimens and define its exact origin, however, it is not simple.


Hawthorn is a plant easy to grow because tolerate very well at low temperatures and can be planted in the garden, preferably in a sunny or semi-shaded area where it can have few hours of sun each day.

If you decide to fertilize the ideal is probably a slow release fertilizer that allows the plant to be nurtured gradually throughout the spring / summer period.

Same goes for irrigation that should be abundant especially in the warmer months.

The pruning instead must be considered only for cleaning the hawthorn already in itself, it tends to assume a rounded shape. Keep in mind also that, in autumn, instead of flowers appear small red berries, very useful to the nourishment of many bird species. Prune too much would therefore remove the food to other species.

Benefits of howthorn

Always hawthorn is known for its herbal / medicinal and its benefits to the  heart, digestive and relaxing. Both the leaves and the flowers have flavoinoids which are antioxidants that help the cardiovascular system, fight high blood pressure and facilitate the cleaning of arteries by cholesterol.

Hawthorn is also suitable for people with heart problems such as arrhythmias or tachycardia and insomnia problems thanks to its sedative action that counteracts disturbances of this kind.


Meaning of the Howthorn

Hawthorn has very deep meanings and interesting: the term derives from the greek kratos, ie strength, oxus, and anthos which means flower.

Give it to the wedding is meant for protection and support as well as purity because of its white color.

The old beliefs tell that the places where it grows hawthorn were areas where they met fairies and good spirits, for this, steal today twigs, can be a cause of misfortune.

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