Spathodea: the african tuliptree

Sometimes we do not realize how big the world is infinite, and, fortunately, not even how many amazing species of plants inhabit every corner of the earth.

This flowering tree, for example, comes from Africa and was discovered back in 1787, it inherits its name from the composition of two Greek words spata and oida, the first of which is the chalice, shape that resembles the flowers of this very special tree.

Its flowers with this characteristic shape have become over time, as well as an object of admiration in the parks, even and especially gaming tool for smaller using the bud-shaped vial to put water in and squirt. A similar use is made of many little birds that take advantage of the dew that slips on the bottom of the cup to use this flower as a natural glass!

Generic uses

The Spathodea is not only an ornamental tree by only flowers but also a particular plant whose use can be varied and diverse in all fields. It starts from the fact its essential part, that is the trunk, with which are built drums and sculptures. Its bark is used in medicine for its laxative effects and the seedsthat in some parts of Africa are used as food because edible, associated with flowers and roots have different uses in the medical field.

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