Ornamental pumpkins: use and cultivation

Not all vegetables are created to be eaten. Sometimes it is possible to grow some fruit or some vegetables, which in nature are not particularly tasty for humans but of pleasing shape, the sole purpose of making decorative objects or simple utility. It’s the case of ornamental pumpkins, easy to grow and suitable for every type of decoration ..

How to choose it

It’s true that will be the size and shapes of pumpkins to direct the cultivator on the final choice based on the space available or the end use.

There are smaller and pumpkins of various shapes that can mature in 2 or 3 months and do not require a final drying before use, and there are also larger pumpkins and ripen in 5 months but which may be used as containers or many other uses. Clearly they require a drying process before use.

How to cultivate them

Prepare the soil well in winter is critical to best to sow in spring and get a good harvest in May and June.The seeds of ornamental pumpkins are available in various online shops, but also in the autumn markets or in nurseries. Prepare a soil sufficiently fertilized is essential for a good growth and will also be essential to create the supports of which generally need pumpkins.When they are ready, remember to cut them always leaving 2/3 cm petiole.

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