El Ceibo: the argentinean national tree

Its botanical name is Erythrina crista-Galli but in South America and especially in Argentina is called by different names like El Ceibo, Seibo or Bucaré..

Its english name is cockspur coral Tree

The cockspur coral tree is Argentinean national tree and its red flowers are also used in other countries of South America as Uruguay to color the urban centers of the city. Even in Los Angeles, in the United States in California, the community elected him as the official city tree.

The size of the Ceibo vary from 5 to 10 meters depending on the areas where this tree is planted and cultivated. It flourishes in areas of southern South America between October and April while in the northern hemisphere spring. Its flowers as mentioned, are of a red intense and also rich in nectar which are very fond different insects that favor the pollination of this and other plants in the area.

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