Cypripedium Calceolus: the Venus’ slipper

The family of orchids is able to amaze us with this wonderful specimen that, with its forms resembles too much a shoe or, for those who want to see it more gently, with a colored slipper.

We are talking about the Paphiopedilum whose name is no coincidence, comes from the greek Paphie more pedilion, ie Venus’ slipper or sandal of Aphrodite

It’s a type of orchid that can be very rewarding because the flower once bloomed, can last a long time but, for this requires much more care than normal.

Care and cultivation

The Venus slipper requires different temperatures and ventilation depending on the subspecies belongs to this, at the time of purchase, it would be good to understand which of the two groups is part to better cultivate it.

As for watering the rule is the classic one which provides that the soil always remains a bit ‘wet for the whole year, both in summer and winter. For this you will need to soak the soil more when temperatures will rise rather than with the cold.

Fertilization is a critical part in the process of cultivation of this flower because it draws much nourishment from the ground rather than through the leaves. For this reason it will be essential to fertilize in the spring and later in autumn, suspending fertilization in other periods.

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