The floating flower market of Amsterdam

The floating market flower of Amsterdam, called Bloemenmarkt in Dutch, is an international attraction for flower lovers and gardeners. Charming and fascinating as any flower market can be. In fact it is the only floating flower market in the world, also it has a long and original story that still higher value on this place.
Its origin dates back to over 150 years ago, it was 1862 when the Bloemenmarkt was inaugurated. At the time the merchants brought their floral merchandise with the floating barges in the Singel canal between Muntplein and Koningsplein in the Canal Belt which lies south of the “Venice of the North”.

The Singel is one of the oldest canals of the city, was excavated between 1428 and 1450, is the innermost of the “ring of canals” which gives a special and characteristic horseshoe shape. It marked until the fifteenth century, the border of the city before its expansion.
At the time of its foundation the floating market flower should be very picturesque. Imagine barges moving on the city outskirts and the sale was going straight from the boats.
Even then the Bloemenmarkt was known as market tulips, always symbol of Holland and Amsterdam, whom could be bought all varieties and colors.

Where and when

Nowadays the floating flower market in Amsterdam has changed, it is certainly modernized, but has lost none of its old charm. Even today it is a must see for tourists and curious to Bloemenmarkt walk in search of colors and unique fragrances.

The barges are the vestiges of the past, today the fresh flowers are loaded onto vans and arrive by land and not by the Singel canal.

Now barges were built permanent features, well covered by modern hyper roofs that preserve the ancient characteristic of floating perpetually on the channel.

The market location is between the Munt Square and Koningsplein channel: the first is the widest bridge in the city, hanging exactly where the Singel canal reaches the river Amsel; the second is the innermost of the semicircular canals navigable, network of channels that has received the prestigious UNESCO recognition as a World Heritage Site.

The Flower Market is open all year: from Monday to Saturday the opening hours are from 9 am to 17.30; Sunday from 11 to 17.30.

Most impressive is the visit to the opening when the sunlight creates the particular nuances and are fewer people and more peace of mind.


How to get to…

To get to the floating flower market in Amsterdam you can use the trams are frequent and cheap. Trams to take are: 4, 9, 14, 16, 24, 25.

Tram is a classic alternative to rent a bike to get there. The Netherlands recall the first country to spread the bicycles and the presence of bicycle paths in Europe.

If you are staying in a hotel or bed and breakfast in the center, you can reach the Bloemenmarkt also walk easily: it is in fact just a few minutes from the center of Amsterdam.

The exact address is the market: Singel 610-616, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Currently in the floating flower market in Amsterdam there are 15 different florists and garden shops, offering a wide choice to customers and the curious.
If the tulip is still the symbol of Bloemenmarkt, not only tulips lives this fascinating market.
Indeed, there are all kinds of bulbs, dried flowers, bonsai and the characteristic wooden flowers.
Tulips are available in all imaginable colors, even with just a few Euros you can bring home flowers and bulbs impossible to find in the rest of the world.
You can also buy typical souvenirs of the place, of course, with particular regard to Dutch clogs that are found in various sizes and with all imaginable colors and fantasies.
The prices of Bloemenmarkt are really accessible to all budgets, so it is inevitable have to purchase something is a flower, a bulb or a typical souvenirs inside.
In December, the floating flower market in Amsterdam gets a new life. In fact you can find Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes. Also you can buy in a specialist shop, candles and Christmas decorations that will make this a unique party.
This market, though small, is very pleasant and is a stop inevitable spend at least an hour if you visit the charming city of Amsterdam.

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