Furnish home in eco-friendly way with flowers and plants

Our home is the environment where we spend much of our days. Have around us the discreet company of plants and flowers, arranged in the right way, in addition to making our domestic spaces a cheerful and friendly atmosphere, the house also makes it healthier. In fact, decorate the rooms of the house with flowers and plants can become definitely a fun practice and a way to live better, especially if we care to do so eco friendly.

With a little imagination and dexterity, and by using recycled materials, we live among the delicate scents and soothing colors. Moreover, choosing the right plants, we can breathe clean air and live in a naturally healthy environment.

To decorate our home in a truly eco friendly way, a good starting point is to choose the most suitable plants, ie those that are best suited to the climate and the light of the different rooms of the house. It is best to choose those that are at ease in closed, hot, as are our homes in winter, making sure if they prefer full sun or half-light. Very indicated are succulent plants and Crassulaceae that, with their many shapes and small size, are suitable for the majority of the home environment and can be planted in different and imaginative ways, even housed in beautiful centerpieces created using, for example, old frames . Although the bulbs are a great place to give a continuous spring to our homes; Once planted in transparent jars, recycled of course, in no time will bloom, to enrich beautifully a shelf or a cabinet and making only one corner a little ‘anonymous.

We can also build simple and original planters cheaply, thanks to numerous materials, such as recycled objects that we already have in the house and they have so how to take new life: wooden boxes, glass and plastic jars, glasses or cups of unpaired old tea sets, they will find a new, original use and that will make even the most beautiful of our rooms with their charm country chic, sophisticated and modern at the same time.

Another idea that can be realized with ease is to create small gardens suspended in the house. Simply use vessels of various sizes, or transparent glass balls, fill them with enough land to accommodate the plants, preferably oily or succulents and small, and then hang our creations through colored cords and elegant, thin cords and chains, to get a more rustic and appealing style.

With old wooden boxes, repainted in the colors that we prefer, or maybe let their natural color to evoke a rustic look in the city, we can create small gardens to be placed on the balcony, or on a window sill.

What leads us to surround ourselves with those beautiful plants, or those colorful and fragrant flowers, in our homes, it is not only assured of getting great benefits for mood and spirit, but also the feeling that, day after day , our health will improve. Some recent studies have shown that some plants are able to purify the air of the environment in which they are located, by decreasing the level of this pollution, not only outside, but also inside the houses.

In the bedrooms, the beneficial contribution to sleep will be guaranteed if beautify with the presence of plants such as jasmine, gardenia, lavender or ficus. These plants produce a so-called inverse chlorophyll synthesis, ie release oxygen at night and not during the day, as do most other plants, making it easier to sleep and helping us to breathe better.

Waking up surrounded by the scents and fragrances of our plants will be friends, as well as pleasant, the best way to start the day. In addition, it will be completely superfluous further perfume the home environments definitely added products of chemicals that, certainly, does not contribute to our well-being.

Furnish the house so eco friendly with plants will be a fun, creative and definitely inexpensive to improve the quality of life, a delicate gesture that will do good for the body and mind.

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