Corso Zundert 2017: all about the dutch flower parade

Corso Zundert: what is it?

Who loves flowers or works in Sector knows That Corso Zundert is One of the biggest parades of the World Made with flowers. The name derives from the Location parade- Zundert, in fact – A small town in the Netherlands In Which held the same parade. Founded as a simple parade of floral floats and bicycles in 1936, to celebrate the birthday of Queen Wilhelmina, today Corso Zundert has grown more and more in importance and tourist attraction, becoming a real event, a reference point for an audience from Worldwide. According to tradition, the Corso Zundert is held the first weekend of September and, for 2017, the floral event is scheduled for 3rd and 4th September.

But what is it? How down early this is a big floral parade with a specific peculiarity: all the wagons are decorated exclusively with dahlias. If the wagon structure and of the different characters that appear on the carts are used different materials such as wood, steel, paper and cardboard, the cover is instead only made with flowers, or better with thousands and thousands of dahlias of different colors and species . To build the wagons for the parades are mainly florists and volunteers of flowers and lovers of tradition, which not only choose the shapes and characters of the chariots, but they worry the sowing and cultivation of dahlias that allow you to create, every year, a wagon always new and different show.

A real race

As can be imagined, the dahlias parade is not only a celebratory and tourist event, but also a real challenge between the different florists and designers of wagons. An independent jury, in fact, every year decreed what was the wagon, built in a better, more communicative and more beautiful that wins the parade. If the Corso Zundert is experienced by visitors primarily as a tourist event and folklore, how many are assigned to carry the wagons live their tradition above all as a time for socializing, to gather and challenge against yourself and against other competitors. The creation of the wagons, in fact, begins three months before the parade and everything has to be perfect to ensure the success of the event and to aim for victory.

Why the dahlias?

As can be imagined, to ensure maximum perfection and beauty of the wagon, the dahlias are inserted only a few days before the parade in their correct location. To get the complete idea of the wagon, are in fact used, previously, the colored flakes, of the same colors of dahlias. The choice of this flower was both historical than practical. On the one hand, the wagons are made with dahlias because the focus was on what was the favorite flower of Queen Wilhelmina, for which it was organized the first parade. On the other, it must be said that the dahlias are easy to grow, especially present in so many colors and very numerous, that allow you to create carts and various representations also using different shades. It should be considered that are associated to each wagon thousands of dahlias of different colors depending on the type of project. You think only in terms of coverage of flowers each wagon can have a cost ranging from 15 thousand to 20 thousand euro.

This is also why the dahlias are inserted only at the end in the structure on which, however, it starts working as early as June. The application of dahlias is done in two days, working day and night, and thus having the certainty to parade with a wagon made of fresh flowers and bright colors.

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