The 7 Most Beautiful gardens (in the world) where celebrate a wedding

Outdoor celebrations are becoming a widespread trend, as well as a whole host of new customs that define the concept of modern marriage, the ritual of the sand to the intervention of the wedding planner.

Particularly suitable for romantic souls or country brides, the garden set is a real show for the guests. Around the world it is spreading the custom of celebrating outdoor weddings in specialized gardens in setting the wedding and create a lasting memory for the newlyweds as for the guests. These are the wedding gardens, the beautiful gardens of all kinds, made especially for special occasions. Oasis of palm trees and waterfalls, tropical gardens with colored tones, wonderful displays of flowers combine with stage lightings studied at art and a refined design to ensure to all couples dream wedding. Here are the seven most beautiful gardens in the world for celebrating a wedding:

1. Kew Gardens, London, UK. The Royal Botanic Gardens in London are a sprawling complex of gigantic greenhouses that house rare plants and tropical environments recreated. Wanted by Princess Augusta, the gardens consist of several special attractions, including a Chinese pagoda in 1700. The greenhouse Princess Of Wales Conservatory is famous for hosting the celebration of marriages: inaugurated in 1987 by Princess Diana, hosts ten different environments and eight micro-climates. Paths and walkways are set up so as to create the impression of a walk in the tropics.

2. Zonnevanger, Cape Town, South Africa. Location for weddings among the beautiful lavender fields and endless vineyards, with spectacular views of the mountains Drakestein. These gardens are particularly suited to weddings vintage and romantic.

3. Fernwood Gardens, Quezon City, Philippines. Considered the best wedding garden of the Philippines, suitable for truly exclusive events, hosts a tropical garden of incredible size, decorated to offer you a fabulous setting and  full of hundreds of colorful flowers.

4. Little Nell’s Sundeck, Colorado. The country-style weddings that will be the trend of 2017 appear perfect in the beautiful high-altitude setting of ELK Mountain with its incredible views of endless coniferous forests: the Little Nell Sundeck is one of the most wedding venues listed in the US.

5. Chateau Lagorce, Bordeaux, France. The beautiful rich history castle offers the possibility of celebrate wedding in the beautiful gardens with secular trees and a beautiful lake. A wedding planner team included in the cost will cure the setting providing you achieve your most magical and enchanted dreams.

6. Blancaneaux Lodge, Belize, Central America. This resort is located between the pristine valleys that were once the cradle of pre-Columbian civilizations. The view of the rainforest and waterfalls that will frame the ceremony will not fail to take your breath away, making your wedding day even more memorable.

7. Villa Gamberaia , Firenze, Italy. Placed on the Settignano hills, the ancient palace overlooking the Arno valley has been famous for centuries among the designers of gardens and historians, and has now become a popular location for weddings of couples from all over the world. Villa Gamberaia can offer the refinement of its noble origins: completed at the beginning of the seventeenth century, the Baroness Von Kettleer enriched it with a beautiful parterre d’eau, the monumental arch of cypresses and gardens with artificial caves and lakes. The house allows weddings in beautiful old garden, which hosts one of the many wonders raised a forest of oak trees and a cave in which there is a pond with a statue of Neptune. The garden also includes a beautiful nymphaeum decorated with bas-relief that opens onto the valley, the ‘cabinet de rocaille’ with its fountains and statues, and the terrace of lemons with two secret woods. This garden boasts an architectural perfection which served as inspiration to all the great landscape painters of the twentieth century.

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