Schmetterlinghuaus: The Wien’s butterflies house

If an unsuspecting visitor told  that, in the heart of Central Europe, is possible enjoy of the thrill, the whisper dictated by a thousand beats of butterfly wings, he may doubt the sincerity of the story. Instead, in the heart of Vienna, it is a marvel of human ingenuity, the Schmetterlinghaus, the butterfly house.

The Tropics in the Mittel Europe

The butterfly house in Vienna is housed in an original and valuable greenhouse built in Art Nouveau style. The beautiful glass and iron structure houses a small terrestrial paradise. Along the way, thousands of wings of butterflies in flight enliven the visit of children and adults who go to the discovery of this small tropical haven in the heart of Central Europe. The sight that greets unsuspecting visitors that overlook the Schmetterlinghaus threshold is among the most spectacular.
A tropical forest in miniature, where the waterfalls give way to flowers, plants and small bridges that allow the top view. The route winds into a large ring where it is possible to feel and breathe the warm atmosphere of the tropics, thanks to the temperature of nearly 26 ° C and a humidity of 80%. Along the way, the signs illustrate and explain the various stages that belong to the life of butterflies and other species housed inside the greenhouse.

The butterflies of  Schmetterlinghaus

Ther’s five hundred butterflies flying free in 280 square meters oasis for them. Forty species from Thailand, Costa Rica and the Philippines live and thrive in this environment capable of reproducing in full their natural habitat. The glass of liberty structure, so loved by connoisseurs of Art Nouveau, serves to project a cascade of natural light inside, a small detail of vital importance for the survival of both the butterflies of tropical plants. In the greenhouse, you can also attend one of the most spectacular metamorphosis of the animal world: the transformation from caterpillar to  elegant butterfly. All species present in the oasis originate from foreign farms, which are responsible for this purpose. Some of these were born inside the greenhouse itself as the “owl butterfly”.

The plants of Schmetterlinghaus

The plants that inhabit every corner, even the smallest, the home of Viennese butterflies were chosen because of fundamental importance in the life cycle of butterflies. The colorful hibiscus, plumbago and lantana offer the ideal food, nectar necessary for the survival of the species. Along the way you can also find plants and fake flowers that offer a colorful stopover on the many flights of butterflies.

The  Burgarten park

The Schmetterlinghaus is centrally located in a lovely park that lies along the Ringstrasse, the Burgarten Park. This small green oasis in the center of Vienna was founded as private gardens of Emperor Franz Joseph I, husband of Princess Sissi never forgotten. The park’s atmosphere is so romantic and mysterious, at times, seem to see the two figures walk hand in hand, especially when the sun hugs the horizon at dusk. The emperor chose the plants in person, thanks to his passion and knowledge of the plant world. After his death, the garden was opened to the public to give way to the Viennese citizens to enjoy this little gem.

Where, how and when

The butterfly house is open every day, at the following times:

-April- October: Mon-Fri 10-16.45: Saturday, Sunday and holidays 10-18: 15

-November-March: every day (including holidays): 10 am to 15:45

More infos ( english and german):

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