The Majorelle gardens of Marrakech

It is one of the most unforgettable and prestigious hotels in the world, dubbed “Le bleu Majorelle” for intense color that characterizes it. On the outside, a garden considered a botanical jewel, which includes plants and flowers from all over the world for the garden of an unforgettable star-hotel, in the fairytale setting of Marrakech.

The history of the Jardin Majorelle

The main structure was born in 1919 as the private residence of Jacques Majorelle, well-known French artists of the time. Majorelle chose that corner of Marrakech because he wanted to make it a place of inspiration and tranquility in order to paint his works, inspired by the colors and local beauty. In the thirties, then, the famous architect Sinoir was called to give his artistic signature on the house and chose, in order to exploit to the maximum, the eccentric and distinctive electric blue that date, distinguishes the hotel.
Until then, in the lush garden, they grew few and treated plants, including bungavillee of various colors, vines, yuccas, cacti and jasmines. In 1947 the complex was opened to the public, to allow people to visit what had now become one of the most beautiful spots, as far as flora and architecture of Morocco. Majorelle After the Majorelle’s death, in the 80s, the villa was bought by Yves Saint-Laureint and became luxurious abode for tourists, as well as the seat of the Islamic Museum.

The complex Majorelle

This property is decorated in traditional Moroccan style, it is imposing and sumptuous, enhanced by the characteristic blue and an incredible selection of various species of cactus, which stand around the entrance, wild and spontaneous. The gardens are large, however, the focus of the entire landscape. Scattered from uncontested vegetation and tree-lined streets and shady, rich areas with water features and fountains, accompanied by floating water lilies that lend an air fairy in all habitats. In the Majorelle gardens living species of plants and flowers from all over the world: a special mention goes to the rose garden, which houses all the known species of roses in all their colors and shades. One of inestimable value naturistic area.

The botanical garden

Another key area of Majorelle gardens is dedicated to the botanical garden. There are crops of rare plants, such as aloe. Moreover, a large part of the botanical area is reserved for the cultivation of bamboo and whole banana plantations and palm trees of different species. undisputed principles of gardens, scattered randomly and spontaneously along the green surface, the cactus, some of which have reached considerable size and age. Every year more than six hundred thousand visitors stop to admire the lush vegetation of the Jardin Majorelle. It is also considered a part of history, culture and religion, as it is an Islamic Museum, where you can see many works of Islamic tradition and religion on.

Where, how, when

The Majorelle gardens are open all year round at the following times:

1st October- April 30: 8-17: 30

1st May-September 30: 8-18: 00

During the month of Ramadan: from 9 to 17:00

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Who has had the good fortune to spend a few days in this hotel describes as unforgettable, especially at night, when, with the background of the streams and fountains, you can admire the famous starry from “Arabian Nights” in the sky of Marrakech. All it accompanied by a pleasant, exotic and persistent perfume, given by the quantity of plants and flowers surrounding the entire property.

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