Parco Giardino Sigurtà: presentation, pictures and news of the 2017 season

Tulipomania is in the midst of his days, and walk among the flowerbeds of Parco Giardino Sigurtà  is so welcoming and relaxing that would almost want to sit by standing to hear the sounds and scents of nature for hours. The soft grass invites walk barefoot as if the more comfortable solution to integrate with the perfection created by the garden park gardeners. The city and hence stress are light years away. Despite the car out, people queuing at the ticket office, the full bar and children running around, the only things that are dominate throughout the silence, nature and colors that only it can spread with such harmony.

The news of 2017

It is not necessary a botanical expert to understand that in this month of April, the undisputed King of the meadows is the tulip. Colors, shapes, shades and people wriggling around in each position for groped to kidnap the essence of this unique flower and coveted. Here at the Sigurtà is possible to find different varieties, such as the Black Tulip (Queen of the Night), which, with its silky appearance and a very dark purple color deceives the laws of nature by touching the impossible. The Daffodil Celine is another wonderful product of the park garden, along with Daffodil Sigurtà, can be seen walking around the park. But the floral novelties more  guessed and photographed of this spring is still about the tulip: in tubs used to water flowers were included floating flowerbeds where they move with stately elegance and perfect harmony, colorful colorful tulips. An ingenious system devised by Sigurtà family not to leave unused space before blooming water lilies and all the flowers that will enrich the tubs during the season.


The presentation of the season

Arriving at the Parco Giardino Sigurtà you’ll immediately notice how much care is put in maintenance and services in the area. Although the Easter weekend, in parking, campers and cars are already sorted and lined up, while families, couples and all kinds of visitors (many with strollers and children in tow), share the inner streets with bicycles and golf- electric carts without creating the slightest slowdown. Everything works perfectly, as well as the park staff who, in every area and sector, working efficiently. it is during the tour of presentation of seasonal garden park that realize the particular excelled we enclosed in this incredible green area. The boundless and bright meadows bordered by colorful and fragrant trees like linden, paulownia, Japanese maple and become welcoming place for endless flower beds and tourists in search of peace while, hidden in the woods, appear incredible surprises made of green shaded galleries and small squares where to stop during walks. It is not a coincidence that just in one of them, the Rotonda degli Incanti, is set up of Permanent exhibition the exposure of students of the ‘Accademia Belle Arti Santa Giulia, who just this weekend was rewarded three of the works on display in the park. From here you can continue (or start) to the Viale delle Rose, a symbol Avenue of the Parco Giardino Sigurtà and reach, if desired, the labyrinth.

If from the naturalistic point of view Sigurtà can really offer a lot both in terms of flowers of trees (there are many other species here), the program of 2017 events (the park opened on March 5th and will close on November 5th ) , presented to us by Dr. Magda Inga Sigurtà, the Mayor of Valeggio Angelo Tosoni, Giuseppe Cherubini and Riccardo Romagnoli, it will be really full of events and interesting from every point of view:

  • On May 18th will be the Mille Miglia here, only competition in the world that crosses Italy from Brescia to Rome and back. There will be historical crews and cars from all corners of the planet,
  •  On May 28th it will have the opportunity to attend the Buskers Park , unique chance to enjoy the performances of street artists within such a suggestive context.
  • The entire month of June will be dedicated to Yoga evenings (from 19 to 20.15). If you come to visit the Sigurtà in this period, it might be a good opportunity to provide greater relief from such a relaxing environment.
  • On July 8th arrives the Moohrun Flowers edition, a running race suitable for all ages, who turns between lakes and colorful flowerbeds during the hours of sunset (19-21)
  • On September 3rd, it can not miss the event of the fairytale world of the Magic Cosplay, inspired by cartoons and fairy tales. Highly recommended for children!
  • On October 8th, it continue to dream with the parade of carriages and nineteenth century dances. Will enter in the Park carriages, stylish themed characters dressed, dancing as if time had stopped in thenineteenth century. How can you miss?

Where, how, when

Parco Giardino Sigurtà,  Via Cavour, 1, Valeggio sul Mincio (VR)  Italy, is open from March 5th to November 5th.

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