Callistemon: The flower shaped like a toothbrush

It belongs to the Myrtaceae family, callistemon is a highly appreciated plant and known for spring blooms …

They are shrubs or even evergreen trees of Australian origin and New Caledonia.

The most obvious feature of callistemon is in the shape of its flowers that resemble greatly colored brushes with lighter tips. For this reason, they are also nicknamed in various ways as “bare” for example …

There are about a dozen species in nature, all colored and special …


The callistemon is a plant that can be grown in the sunshine and therefore needs to be well watered especially in the warmer periods.

You can fertilize it from spring when the plant begins to bloom.

Below 8/10 ° C you start to feel a bit cold and especially cold currents and, for this reason, it would be good to protect it if you keep it out.

In the house, however, avoid fresh currents by paying attention to watering only when the soil is dry even in the subsoil.

Repotting, which can be done around April, should be done only when the roots begin to become very large and therefore it becomes necessary to transfer to a larger space.

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