Aromatic herbs: it’s time to plant them

With the arrival of spring, you know, the awakening of nature, flowers and all the fragrances that make this season so beautiful, fascinating and colorful starts to resume. Each of us, besides having the chance to grow flowers, also has the opportunity to embellish a garden, balcony and even its daily meals with herbs grown and enriched by personal care every day.


No doubt one of the most cultivated and loved in absolute. Both in the kitchen and in the garden the rosemary is used a lot and, being a plant that grows naturally, is ideal especially for the garden. It can last very long and become very high so try to care for pruning. Water especially during hot times and enjoy the scent that it emanates. your food will get it an advantage.


A little more delicate than rosemary, basil is used in so many dishes and gives the best of itself if fresh and freshly picked from its plant. It is therefore annual, so it lasts a few months and is watered down with some regularity. The ideal for this plant is certainly growing in pots.


Perhaps a little less used than basil, sage can still give great satisfaction both in the kitchen and from the point of view of cultivation.

In your small garden try not to keep it without water and always adjust the size of the plant and you will see that it will last for a long time.


Here is another very used aromatic herb in the kitchen. It is better to grow it in a pot by carefully watching it or putting it in soft soils, then watering it with some regularity.

Wait for the first tears to sow.


The advantage of cultivating this herb is that, in addition to being aromatic, it also has good ornamental abilities and, thanks to its purple floral is ideal for vases and gardens. Make sure that its position allows this plant to receive at least half a day of sunshine, so that the soil is well soft and drained and that water never misses it and you will have a good result …


The beneficial properties of the mint are infinite and its ideal cultivation in any climate and land area. It is a plant that needs soils rich in humus so if you can, try to integrate or change the soil once a year.

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