The Jardines Generalife of Granada

Imagine being able to visit an immense garden located at the foot of a dream palace. This incredible place really exists and is located in Granada, Andalusia, Spain. We are talking about the Jardines Generalife, which were built during the reign of Mohammed III around 1300. The gorgeous complex originally included the Patio de la Acequia (the Court of the Aquatic Garden), which consisted of a large Swimming pool surrounded by shrubs, porches, colonnades and fountains that featured spectacular water features. Many claim that, at that time, the General Jardines were without doubt the best examples of medieval gardens. The gardens that we are accustomed to know today were initiated in the year 1931 and were completed thanks to the work of Francisco Prieto Moreno, a well-known Spanish architect, twenty years later.

Right on the top of the hills that tower on the city of Granada, the Jardines Generalife arise. Do not stand by to admire the great views and huge green spaces typical of French gardens, but on the contrary, expect to find small and beautiful green spaces priceless. They are from an architectural point of view, the maximum expression achieved by the Moorish-style. The garden is characterized by the presence of small hedges, numerous flowery flowerbeds, porticoes, courtyards and courtyards that, embellished by the spectacular water games staged by the fountains, recreate an environment of surreal and unlikely shapes and shades.

Within the Jardines Generalife it is possible to admire the vast presence of water mirrors, which, however, are not only reflections and games able to enchant the many visitors, but also serve as useful basins to dig up the water. This will later be used to water the many species of shrubs, trees, plants and flowers in the immense and spectacular Spanish garden.

Where, how, when

Jardines de Generalife are open at the following times:

Every day from March 15th to October 14th from 8.30 am to 8 pm

Every day from October 15th to March 14th from 8.30 am to 6 pm

More info:

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