Iberflora 2017: all about gardening fair in Valencia


It is shortly to a new edition of Iberflora in Valencia 2017, the International Fair of plants and gardening to be held in Spain October 4th to 6th. An unmissable appointment for those who love greenery and nature and for those who want to expose their activity centered on greenery.This will be the No. 46 issue for the famous International Fair: an event born to enhance the ornament’s abilities is that it has become a fixed point for all the enthusiasts in the industry. From the outline events to the three days of exhibitions and exhibitions to create a unique event of its kind. A truly unique story is that of Iberflora, which wants to put the very center of nature in mind: the goal is to raise awareness about environmental issues, but at the same time to study new strategies and techniques, creating continuous innovations in the subject. For this reason, Iberflora Valencia 2017 will be an unmissable issue: there will be many opportunities to see many technologies specially designed to solve environmental problems.

Iberflora Valencia 2017 is a professional event involving all manufacturers and companies that treat flowers and plants from an ornamental point of view. Thematic areas are set up where specific exhibitors can be visited that allow you to deal with a theme in particular. The goal is to create a community around the Iberflora event, so to discuss everything that revolves around the plant and flower sector. All the producers are invited to the exhibition in the Ferie of Valencia, in order to participate in a unique event. The thematic areas are also designed to raise awareness and guide visitors in a well-outlined project, giving the right continuity and logical sense to the whole event. From plants to garden care, taking into account accessories and all those products that allow for the care of the green. Wide space also for technology, with a dedicated industry entirely devoted to the development and design of tools and machines that can help produce. The numbers are really amazing: they are 12754 feet / squares, with about 10,000 visitors. In all exhibitors there are 500, many of which are international. Iberflora is a real giant in the field of plants and flowers: at present Fiera involves the majority of European producers.

A tense calendar of events at Iberflora Valencia 2017: there will be plenty of discussion forums that will be open about technology and impact on the environment. In addition, during the three days of Iberflora, the organization has scheduled entertainment events with music and shows, so that a truly comprehensive offer is offered. At this time, the full calendar has not yet been rolled out, but there will be many events outlined at this new edition. This year’s goal is to put the technology at the heart of the event and make it more aware of its use: a good impact can certainly be a help in green production and management, but everything must be used consciously and without never exaggerate. A story that was inaugurated in 1971 and still continues to exist: a reference point for anyone who loves greenery and to see thousands of industry leaders in the works.


Where, how and when


Iberflora is in Valencia from 4th to 6th of October 2017

Info: http://iberflora.feriavalencia.com/en/


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