How to grow bamboo in a pot

Originated in tropical and sub-tropical areas of Asia (mainly Japan and China), South America, Oceania and Africa, bamboo is a plant belonging to the Poaceae family. There are over 75 genres (such as Bamboo, Chusquea or Arundinaria) and 1,200 different species with different characteristics. It is, however, an evergreen shrub plant with a very variable height and characterized by robust, but at the same time light and flexible drums. It is these characteristics that have made bamboo a highly appreciated plant in the world of construction, crafts and furnishings. The leaves of the plant are long, thin and green, whose chromatic intensity varies according to the species. Although most bamboo plants do not flourish, in fact, the plant in nature produces long-lasting flowers.

Metods of cultivation

Bamboo is a very versatile and easy-to-grow plant, suitable for both pots and ground, grows quickly and does not require too much cure. In any case, it should be borne in mind that some species are particularly weeds, so it is best to document properly and take the necessary measures. It is also important to remember that the bamboo originates from warm-humid climatic zones and its leaves suffer too strong winds. However, there are some species (such as the Bamboo Pleioblastus Distichus) which also resist cold and frost. If you decide to grow bamboo in a pot, you should consider that every two years you will need to move it to a larger container.

The soil must be composed of universal soil, peat, sand and pine needles, but for some species (such as Phyllostachys aurea koy) it is better to prepare a base of clay covered with peat and pumice. During the spring and summer it is important that the bamboo is watered abundantly a few times a month, during the fall only once and in the coldest months none. At the beginning of spring and mid-summer it is also necessary to fertilize the soil with a product that is very rich in nitrogen. During the winter, however, it is essential to prepare a mongrel with pine needles to protect the roots from moisture.


The bamboo grows very quickly, reaching 10 cm per day. The highest growth record has been reached in Japan, where a specimen has exceeded the meter in just one day! On the contrary, its flowering is very slow, just think that some species of bamboo bloom after 100 years. Also, due to the stress that flowering causes to the plant, many bamboo die after this stage.

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