The Pescia Flower Market


The Pescia flower market has really ancient origins, as it all originated in Piazza Grande in front of the Vicar’s Palace. Since 1928 he created the first real market under a roof of reinforced concrete in Piazza grain and since 1950 it moved again in via Amendola inside of a structure for holding the same market.

Since 1988, the new marketing center of Castellare di Pescia has been in operation, which, as desired by the municipal administration, became the permanent venue of the Flower Market, a work costing years of work and a total expenditure of about 30 billion old Lire.


The flower market today

The Pescia Flower Market records 542 officially registered companies, divided between producers (234), traders (248), conveyors (13) and related activities (47).
As far as producers are concerned, around 98% comes from Tuscany, about 70.5% from the province of Pistoia and almost 25% from Lucca. Companies with headquarters in Pescia make up about 53% of the total.
The areas and services available for the market are as follows:
– a) Platea bargaining: 10,300 sqm (ground floor);
– b) Warehouses no. 89 for a total of 9,850 sqm (basement with different heights), sub-granted on July 31 for about 92%;
– c) Box n. 55 for a total of 1,900 sqm (adjacent the plateau),
sub-granted on July 31 for over 84%;
– d) Fridge cells no. 70 for a total of 3,080 square meters, for a volume of approximately 9,500 cubic meters. The available volumes are insufficient in some particular periods of the year, so that from the year 2015, four refrigerated containers of about 15 square meters each had to be rented to meet the demands of the operators.
– e) Potted greenhouse for a total of 1,870 square meters,
granted for more than 70%;
– f) covered / unloaded area for a total of 3,750 square meters;
– g) Offices and services for a total of 2,050 square meters (ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor),
granted in use on July 31 for 70%;

(Updated as at 31 July 2017)


Where, how, when

Via Salvo D’Acquisto nr.10/12 51017 Pescia – PT – Italy

Tel  : +39 0572/453108 – 453188 Fax : +39 0572/453010



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