6 ways to use coffee in the garden and in the vegetable garden

The generations before ours have taught us that coffee pots can be excellent natural fertilizers for garden and home plants and that, often what could be considered a waste, is actually an excellent product of reuse.In this article we went to find out how plants and garden can generally exploit coffee in every state and love it almost as much as we love it.

1. Use coffee grounds in the vegetable garden.

This technique can bring great benefits to green leafy vegetables because it ensures slow nitrogen supply and lowers Ph, ensuring a strong and healthy growth of the vegetables themselves. The best solution is to mix coffee grounds on the ground at seed planting times to eliminate parasites, fungi and pathogen worms.

2. Fertilize roses with ground coffee beans.

What makes coffee very useful is that it has a high nitrogen content and can slightly change the Ph, increasing flowering, running the soil and thus creating a favorable means to support the growth of worms that naturally fertilize the surrounding area. On roses, you can also use tea.

3. Prevent fungal diseases

The antifungal and acidic properties of coffee make it an ideal supplement to eliminate pathogenic fungi and prevent the onset of debilitating plants, such as coffee rust. In practice, coffee grounds can suppress pathogenic fungi, including fusarium, pythium and sclerotinia.

4. Change the color of flowers

The dark brown coffee color of the morning can effectively turn the hydrangea into blossom blue! This is because coffee grounds have a capacity to lower the pH of the soil and hydrangeas change the color of their flowers in acidic soil.

5. Keep pets away from flowers and plants

Spraying used coffee grounds or even solid coffee beans on the soil, on leaves and around the plants can help keep pets away. It is simple, animals have a powerful sense of smell, and while the scent of coffee can elevate your senses, it has the exact opposite effect on your feline, hyper sensitive. For better results, spread a mixture of coffee grounds and orange peels.

6. The coffee is “good” for your evergreen tree

Evergreen trees like fir, pine and magnolia seem to benefit from slightly acidic soil. And ground coffee helps to change their pH as desired. However, it is advisable to do a pH test of the soil before proceeding with the administration of excessive coffee doses.

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