How to attract birds in your garden / terrace

It happens often, especially in spring, to wake up, listening from the nearby trees or from the under-roofs, the chirping of so many birds that populate our territory.
Those who have a garden know how useful the berries and small insects for the life of birds like sparrows, sparrows, hummingbirds, who each day pass and eat in abundance nurturing the little things in nature.
But would not it be nice to have them as guests without force keeping them imprisoned in some cage?
Here are some tips to attract small birds among our green areas.

1.Create an ideal natural environment

The presence of plants and shrubs that favor the arrival of birds are the basis for attracting them every season. The red holly berries in winter can be a great nourishment, while the less well-groomed areas can be the place to find insects to bring to their little ones in the spring. A small pond can be useful as a source of nourishment especially in the warmer periods.

2.Leave the crumbs.

Take the habit of not throwing away the small scraps of your food, such as bread crumbs. The little things that seem to us to be minimal waste, to a small bird could be as much of a meal, especially for a small child in the weaning period.

3.Avoid big birds

It is best to keep larger larger pieces, such as pigeons, crows and others. They can dirty and ruin your green corners rather than bring you color and cheer. Better get away from them now.

4. Avoid pesticides and chemical agents.

As far as possible, it is clear that our new guests are accustomed to living in wildlife and nourishing them wherever it offers them any kind of food suitable for them.
Filling our garden of pesticides or chemicals could mean endangering the very life of those who by the little fruits of nature derive daily nutrition.

5. Build a house for the birds

Obviously, if you want to create a place to host the birds, you will need to create a safe corner of peace. As high as possible and, above all, safe from noises or dangers. On the market there are so many,

6.Install a pole or railing

Birds are generally accustomed to spending their time on tree branches that can not be found in balconies or gardens. For this reason, to attract them, it would be best to install a pole or railing to give them a place to stay here when they come to visit us 🙂


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