Beaucarnea recurvata: the elephant’s foot tree

The plants represent a wonderful and multifaceted universe that, thanks to their beauty and their properties, give the house an elegant and well looked after appearance. Receiving or donating a plant is a reward that expresses the purity of a feeling. When talking about specimens to grow and grow inside the apartments comes naturally move towards some types, the beucarnea recurvata, in particular, is very popular.

The beaucarnea recurvata, better known as elephant’ foot tree, is native to Mexico and, as such, lives and grows well at high temperatures, is why it is a happy place inside. Its shape sees very prominent roots, a thin stem from the base in the form of an elephant foot and a hairline that recalls the palm tree. As it belongs to the Ruscaceae family, it does not need much water but needs to be watered only and exclusively at times when it is not clenched by the direct rays of the sun, ie early in the morning or in the evening, and with indirect nebulizers.
This plant, mistakenly, is defined as a “smoke eater” with the idea that it will be useful to purify the air of smokers, actually this name comes from its own specific characteristics, resistance to the smoke of the fires. The recursed Beaucarnea is a plant that, by storing plenty of water in contact with the flames, is not badly affected.

Where to place it

The Beaucarnea recurvata, as coming from tropical regions, suffers at low temperatures, so it requires a hot and dry environment. It adapts perfectly to the domestic climate and also needs to be subjected to direct sunlight. It also needs a large and breathable pot, preferably in pottery, where it can stretch and develop its roots. Periodically, as growth proceeds, it needs to be poured into larger vessels, to do this, it is necessary to have a great deal of delicacy and to preserve the plate with the soil. Like other similar plants, it needs to be cleansed from the dry leaves in the winter, so that the hair is renewed, which, as an evergreen, changes very slowly.

The care of the Beaucarnea recurvata

According to industry experts, the reconditioned Beaucarnea is the ideal plant even for those who have absolutely no green thumb and do not know how to cure them and grow it, because they do not need special intervention, little water, warmth and “cleaning” every year .
The fodder plant is a plant very resistant to pest attacks, also because the pollination period is very short. However, it can happen that it is attacked by aphids, that is, the lice of plants, of the almost transparent microorganisms that, under the leaves, absorb all the vital juice slowly bringing the plant to complete drying. To counter this common problem, you can use extremely effective natural remedies that do not have any side effects. Among the best remedies is an emulsion of hot water and soap of Marseille flakes which, inserted into a spray bottle, must be sprayed throughout the surface of the plant. The soap, in direct contact with the parasites, causes the larvae to die and, absorbing all the air, contributes to the total removal of the infestation, polishing the leaves.

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