Kleinia Rowleyana: the string of pearls

Looking at its appearance, you will immediately know what are the best uses for this delicious succulent: the Kleinia Rowleyana is very much used in growing in hanging baskets or perhaps at the edges of a window, leaving its verdant beads falling outside the jar creating so a striking effect.

It is a very sophisticated plant suitable for unusual plant collectors and, therefore, a unique piece for the home.


The string of pearls ( kleinia rowleyana)needs first of all bright lights, perhaps close to windows, from which it can penetrate the sunlight. Its leaves are actually verdant beads of about 5-8 mm in diameter, inside which water is stored. For this reason kleinia is part of the succulent and so many, it is watered only in order to keep the soil moist. It flowers for about a month from spring to autumn, showing small white trumpet-shaped flowers and a cinnamon-like scent. The minimum temperature under which Kleinia should never be “housed” is 7/8 ° C, so it would be best to keep it at home at least during the winter.If well preserved it can live several years, taking care to treat it properly: for example, dropping ramps stiffen or cure too much, it would be a good rule to cut them.

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