5 bedroom plants that help sleep better

There are plants that more than others fit into a delicate environment as the bedroom may, because they help to reconcile sleep and allow them to recover all the energy through a healthy night’s sleep. Below you can find a list of the five plants that would be kept in the bedrooms of adults and children, with some advice to make them grow to the best.

1. The jasmine

In fact, in all its innumerable varieties (counting more than 200), this plant has an incredible calming and relaxing power. Its unmistakable scent has a relaxing effect and breathing in sleep can undoubtedly improve its quality. Jasmine is a climbing plant that can also be grown inside the house in a low pot with plentiful plant land.


The scent of lavender is often found in the bedrooms because its dried flowers are used to perfume drawers and cupboards. But what many do not know is that essential oils extracted from lavender are also a great help to ensure a good restful sleep. A couple of drops on the pillow are an unbeatable trick to get in a state of calm and relaxation that will soon turn a deep sleep.
Even a lavender plant in the bedroom can still be a good idea, because another power of this shrub is to keep mosquitoes away. To allow lavender to grow healthy and lush (although it is a very resistant plant), it is advisable to put a layer of gravel on the bottom of the vessel as this plant prefers dry and rocky soils.

3.The Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is certainly one of the most suitable plants for the bedroom, especially because of its great ability to purify the environment and increase the amount of oxygen, essential for a serene and energizing rest. In general, it is good to have some aloe vera plant around the house, not just in the bedroom, because it is always healthy to live in a cleaner, cleaner and oxygen-rich atmosphere. To ensure the well-being of the aloe, it must be placed in a jar next to a window so that it can receive the maximum amount of sunlight.

4.Lily of Peace

This plant has the basic ability to filter the air and eliminate toxic and harmful substances. It also does not require much sunlight and is highly decorative. By placing a lily of peace in your bedroom, it adds a touch of unmatched elegance. In addition, filtering the air inside the room ensures a more healthy and regenerating sleep.
The peace lily will grow best when placed in a warm and unbelievable corner.

5. Pothos

Pothos is a plant that almost everyone has at home. The property that makes the pothos perfect as an indoor plant and suited to the bedroom is that it cleans the air from toxic substances that can be released from furniture and paint. Another feature that pothos is in most homes is that it does not need much care, but keep in mind that its leaves are toxic and it is good to keep it away from animals and children. From time to time it may be a pity for the pothos plant to clean the leaves with a damp cloth in the milk.

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