Decorate the house by following the Feng Shui using the plants

Taoism is a philosophy applicable to all aspects of life that finds its roots in times we do not know. It is from this doctrine that the Feng Shui is born, an oriental discipline that bases its existence on the importance and strength of nature. The term Feng Shui could be translated as Wind and Water, fundamental elements in the natural world that are related to each other and suggest a wider reading and interpretation of the environment around us.

According to Feng Shui, the image of the garden must enclose the right equilibrium between Yin and Yang, that is, a harmonious relationship between tall plants and powerful stems with bushes, small herbs and flat areas. This should bring the harmony that is created between natural forms to influence our reality, bringing within our life balance and stability. Inside our apartment it is possible to reconstruct this harmony of the Feng Shui garden through the Bagua map, an instrument of this Taoist philosophy that helps us locate precisely the areas and the corresponding energies in our rooms.
This map translates all aspects of a private environment into 8 elements, called “Gua”:
Career, Friends, Knowledge, Family, Affection, Creativity, Wealth, and Fame.
Through the identification of the areas of the house and their respective fields of life we can proceed to position the plants to create in our private space a harmonious and proactive place according to the dictates of Feng Shui.

The modern home is a place full of negative energies and very influential on our ability to behave and relationship with others. According to Feng Shui, in fact, home appliances and all the technological elements in an environment would free electromagnetic waves from which it is best to defend themselves.
Each plant according to doctrine has a specific prerogative and can help us in our everyday life. For example, the Aloe plant would remove these harmful substances through its famous defensive and soothing power; Clorophytum helps to create a relaxing atmosphere in the environment, and the ovate crassula is considered a real attractant of money.
Plants that have negative aspects, such as the cactus that represents litigation and misunderstanding and the dry flowers that symbolize the end of life, must be placed outside the house so that they act as a shielding function, protecting our environments from negative events.

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