4 famous aphrodisiac flowers

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and love becomes a protagonist on the day it is celebrated and remembered.
Nature does not only offer many beautiful flowers and plants to give away on this unique day (but also throughout the year), but hides, among them, lesser-known properties that we have neglected or simply ignored so far.
For the occasion, we went to look for four very famous flowers or plants that have revealed, after due transformations, aphrodisiac powers:

1. Rose: since ancient times the essential rose oil was used to stem and overcome the female problems related to the sexual sphere. Relaxing and exciting at the same time is an essence definitely suits her.

lavender, aphrodisiac flower

2. Lavender: the properties of lavender are not counted, so much is the use of this plant both in cosmetics and in the medical / herbal field.
Its fragrance evokes the peace of the senses, relaxing, rebalancing the body and the harmony of the couple. For these reasons it can be perfect to calm and relax the mind, giving new energy to a relationship.

3. Sunflower: Sunflowers, besides being divine flowers that fill our fields with the beautiful season, are cultivated above all for the properties contained in the seeds of the flower itself. The properties are endless, such as anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, for example, but not everyone knows that, among many others, sunflower seeds also have aphrodisiac properties! In fact, the sunflower seeds increase the level of dopamine, while the magnesium contained in mineral salts helps to reduce the level of stress and nervousness, thus lighting a greater sexual desire.

4. Jasmine: even jasmine, like rose, is considered a very feminine essence. It helps to overcome blockages and tensions helping to capture and revive the loved ones’ affections. Bring strength and warmth in the relationship.

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