Varend Corso 2018: the Dutch floating floral parade

It is perhaps less known than the “street” flowered parades like Bloemencorso or Corso Zundert but, for the fans, Varend Corso certainly represents an unmissable event and a unique opportunity to follow live this eccentric event that takes place at the beginning of August in the south of Holland, crossing the municipalities of Westland, Schipluiden, Maassluis, The Hague, Delft and Vlaardingen.


What is Corso Varend?

This is an annual event in which the boats, adorned with flowers, plants and even local vegetables, parade for three days along the canals of the municipalities in front of about 500,000 people who can follow the event also along the cycle paths (crowd permitting! )



The purpose of this particular floral parade is not only to offer the numerous public and organizers a day of pure fun and sparkling colors, but also and above all, to show how beautiful and varied the Westland products are, starting with flowers , plants, up to vegetables grown in greenhouses.



The whole event is organized by a group of about fifty volunteers, divided into various tasks based on roles. Since this is a parade that takes place in the middle of the summer, it is also dedicated a space to Kindercorso, the parade dedicated to children where these boats are created almost by kids only assisted by experts to summer school or helped by the local scout groups.


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varend corsovarend corso

Where, how, when

The Corso Varend will take place on the Weekend of August 3rd, 4th and 5th 2018 following three different routes that you can easily download and view on the official website of the event (only in Dutch)


View routes here

Official website: https://varendcorso.nl/

Fan page facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VarendCorso/


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