Amsterdam Tulip Festival: dates, locations and info about the Dutch event

Amsterdam and the Netherlands are lit up with colors from March 31st to April 30th 2018 when, around the city, it will be time for the Tulip Festival, a characteristic event that will literally bloom in about 80 different zones, flowerbeds full of colorful tulips.

The aim of the Tulp festival is to bring back the symbolic flower of the country through the streets of Amsterdam since, especially in recent years, this seems to have disappeared.
For this reason, more than half a million bulbs have been planted in the fall, and a great flowering is expected between late March and late April!


The Tulip festival connects districts, citizens, companies, residents and visitors. In this way the creator and founder of the event, the garden designer Saskia Albrecht, aims to fill the city with about 850,000 tulips equal to the number of inhabitants of Amsterdam. Her motto? “a tulip for every citizen of Amsterdam”.

And so, schoolchildren, businesses, shop owners, hotels, museums, and city districts plant bulbs in the fall, encouraging residents to participate and color the streets of Amsterdam more and more year after year.

 The planting day

Since 2015, a day is dedicated to planting tulip bulbs at the Volndelpark. Under the motto of “a tulip for every citizen of Amsterdam”, even schools, companies and volunteers, they undertake to plant bulbs on the same day, around the city.

It is possible to join the event by participating in the “plant a bulb for me” campaign or by making a donation to help achieve the goal of 850,000 tulips.


Locations, dates and informations

The tulip festival will last from March 31st to April 30th or, at least, until all the tulips will be in bloom around Amsterdam. The gardens, pots and flowerbeds are located in 80 different zones, accessible for free, except of course to some gardens or museums that apply the regular traditional entry costs.

You can find a more detailed map at this link ( in dutch or english), where there is also a long list of participants.

Official web site:

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