Corso Zundert 2018: photos, colors and information about the biggest floral parade in the world

Back on time as every year, Corso Zundert, the most incredible floral parade on the planet, this year will take place on the weekend of 2nd and 3rd September, in the usual style that distinguished it for almost eighty years.The first edition of Corso Zundert took place in 1936 in honor of Regina Guglielmina and, since then, has always maintained the tradition handed down from generation to generation.

A regulation established in 1989 provides for the maximum dimensions of wagons to be nineteen meters in length and nine in height. The peculiarity lies, however, in the fact that these realizations are built and, above all, colored just a few days before the parade with only one type of flower: the dahlia.

The entire parade is designed, realized as well as moved by the volunteers who, after having built the carts, also take the hard task of pushing the heavy “loads” along the city route.

The heralds
Zundert is divided into twenty Heralds  representing their culture, identity and their flag. Each Herald has his own chariot and each represents what you are. Winning, making the best car according to the jury, is a source of great satisfaction and reward for everyone.

Photo previous editions

Where, how, when

The Zundert Course will be held on September 2nd and 3rd in Zundert, in the Netherlands.
For all the updated information and to buy tickets to attend the event along the route, you can visit the official website (in English and Dutch)

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