Rijnsburgcorso 2018: the floral parade of Rijnsburg, Katwijk and Noordwijk.

When it comes to flowers and floral parades, the Dutch never stop, not even in August, and instead of thinking only about distant shores where to spend their holidays, they find the time to celebrate showing off what they have most beautiful and colorful in this magnificent land : the flowers.

Is no less the Rijnsburgcorso which takes place every year on the second Saturday of August and consists of 12 floats, cars decorated with flowers and musical groups. Every year this special flower show attracts over 350,000 visitors. This event is also successfully broadcast each year on national TV (broadcaster MAX).


The programm

August 10th:
An extra (free) event is the Flower Parade Show, which will be held on Friday evening, August 10th at 7 pm at Bloemenveiling Royal FloraHolland, Laan van Verhof 3, 2231 BZ in Rijnsburg. Here all vehicles will be lined up to be admired, all surrounded by a music and entertainment program.

August 11th:

Saturday, August 11th The Flower Parade will ride a real triumphal procession through Rijnsburg, Katwijk and Noordwijk. The theme of the 73rd flower parade in Rijnsburg is “Around the world”. New Route The Katwijkse Boulevard occupies an even more prominent place on the trail this year. As a result, the parking will be closed for a few hours. The part in the route Wilhelminastraat, Tramstraat, Zeeweg, Karel Doormanlaan, Industrieweg and Biltlaan thus concludes with this change. The route will be extended by a part of this district where the bands will also participate.

August 12th:

Floats in Noordwijk

On Sunday  August 12th the wagons will be set up on the Koningin Wilhelmina avenue in Noordwijk.


The complete itinerary

August Saturday 11th 2018

Rijnsburgcorso itinerary. Beginning: 1:00 pm
Viale della Verhof – Rijnsburgerweg – Oegstgeesterweg – Conte Floris Avenue – Old Vlietweg – Sindaco Kooman Square – Kerkstraat – Vliet North Side – Koestraat – Noordeinde – Noordwijkerweg – Burg. Meyboomstraat – Kanaalstraat – Evertsenstraat – Witte de Withstraat – Akkerwinde – Aronskelk – Boslaan – Sandtlaan

Katwijk I. Itinerary Beginning: approx. 1:45 pm
Sandtlaan – Rijnstraat – Zeeweg – Koningin Julianalaan – Boslaan – Meeuwenlaan – Segretario Varkevisserstraat

IKatwijk II. Itinerary Beginning: approx. 2.45 pm
NOTE: modified route *

 Varkevisser Street (Intersection Schelpendam) – Vuurbaak Square – Boulevard – Rijnmond – inside Luis – Hoorneslaan.

Katwijk III. Itineray Beginning: approx. 2.45 pm New route.
Melkweg – Capricorn – Northern Lights – Hercules- Scorpion – Billtlaan – Zwarteweg- Driehoeklaan (‘S Heeren Loo).

 Noordwijk itinerary Beginning: 6.30 pm
Booker Ditch Lane – Lindenhofstraat – Van Limburg Stirumstraat – Santa Geestweg – Raadhuisstraat – Zeestraat – Nieuwe Zeeweg – Huis Ter Duinstraat – Pickeplein – Il Grent – Palaceplein – Queen Wilhelmina Boulevard – Vuurtorenplein – Parallel Boulevard – Palaceplein – Queen Wilhelmina Boulevard

* The parking lot on the Boulevard is closed for several hours during the event


Where, how, when

The flower parade of Rijnsburgcorso will be held on August 11th, 2018 in Rijnsburg, Katwijk and Noordwijk.

For all the info: http://www.rijnsburgscorso.nl

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