How to prepare the garden for the winter

Winter is coming: if you are passionate about the Iron Throne, as well as gardening, you will surely have picked up the quote.
But readers of George R. R. Martini or not, surely, you will know that the cold season is almost upon us. For this reason you have to prepare your garden and protect it, along with furniture, tools and furnishings, in view of the cold season.

The best time to do this work is, certainly, October. Next to the bad season but, at the same time, allows us to have a few weeks to plan the work, so you do not have to do it badly or too quickly.
We add that if we expect a lush garden in Spring, we must lay its foundation now.

1. Clean up the ground

The first rule is, without a doubt, cleanliness. Which is not just an aesthetic device. Remove the diseased and dried leaves, the dried roots and the dead flowers is of fundamental importance to avoid the onset of diseases.
Moreover, raked in order to eliminate the foliage, this could cause, in fact, stagnation of excess water and literally make our plants or parts of them drenched.
Insects could also enjoy decomposing material.
The removed material can be thrown away, burned or used to produce compost.
In addition, it may be appropriate to create a layer of stones, pebbles, gravel, to maintain soil moisture.

2. Prune plants, shrubs and trees

Autumn is the right time to prune the plants in our garden.The sap, in fact, withdraws towards roots and trunk.So arm yourself with scissors, saw and chain saw and cut the branches.This operation will invigorate the plant in view of the beautiful season.

3. Meadow and grass

October is the perfect month for the last lawn shearing.Let the grass measure at least 4 centimeters.Remove the moss and, to prevent it from reforming, increase the PH of the soil, perhaps with lime.

4. Remove the sick or annual plants and winter plants

Before winter we must remove the plants that seem to be destined for better life and the annual plants, such as basil.
We can replace them with winter plants. In fact, it is not said that the garden must be decommissioned.Some plants typically give the best of them in Winter.

5. Prepare a map

If you do not want to recompute the same mistakes in the following Spring, take care to mark the errors already committed and the diseases suffered by your plants, certainly we will have to change some choices.

6. Protect plants that are less resistant or weak

First of all, it is necessary to preserve the most delicate plants inside, which would not tolerate frost.
It seems impossible, but the plants need to acclimatize. For about a week, place them inside for a few hours, more and more, until they get used to the temperature change.
Other plants, even to be considered, can remain outside.
It is the case to wrap them in cloths and fabrics ad hoc available at the gardening stores.

7. Take care of your tools and keep the garden furniture

Clean and store the tools in a shed. Water is their worst enemy. If you expose them to the elements they will certainly rust. Clean the grass and olive cutter.
Free the furniture from dirt, polish them if necessary, and store them in a sheltered space, unless you want to throw them every season, even in this case the rains or the snow will damage them.

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