Ulex: characteristics, care and curiosity

The ulex is a little known plant that consists of a variety of broom, or gorse, able to reach and in some cases even exceed two meters in height. The shrubs of Ulex are characterized mainly by a very short stem, which opens up in a fan in various branches, which can be erect or ascending. All the species belonging to the genus Ulex produce leguminous fruits. It is widespread mainly in the Western Mediterranean: the largest number of specimens of this variety is endemic to Spain, but can still be found in the reliefs of the coasts of Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily.
This plant is often used for greening very large spaces, especially in arid and windy climatic conditions, or in coastal areas. The reason for the choice is simple: this is a plant that does not require a high level of maintenance but that, thanks to a few tricks, is perfectly capable of embellishing with its beautiful yellow flowers even the driest environment. Ultimately, it is a plant with rustic characteristics, which is very little demanding.

Cultivation methods

These plants find a domestic application mainly for their ability to decorate gardens without requiring special attention. For those who will take care of it carefully, it will be able to give a particularly generous and very fragrant bloom, beginning in late spring and intermittent continuation throughout the year.
To be placed in a sunny place, this plant does not fear the cold in any way. However, if you are faced with particularly harsh winters, it is advisable to cover the foliage in order to prevent any lingering frosts. Watering must be dosed as the plant can be satisfied even with rains. In the case of potted specimens, it is sufficient to inert from time to time and only when the soil is completely dry.
It should be noted that the plant tends to undress at the base, especially when a few years have passed since the last plant. Here, in this case, it is advisable to intervene with a pruning, which must be done almost to touch the ground level after flowering. In this way it will be possible to reinvigorate the plant, stimulating the formation of new shoots.

Diseases and cures

Thanks to the resistance and hardiness of this plant, it is very rare that it can be attacked by pests or endemic diseases. In the event that you notice signs of any infestation, it will be sufficient to intervene very quickly with the use of insecticides that will solve the problem quickly.

Facts and curiosity

The broom, among which also the varieties of Ulex, finds a conspicuous use during the Fascist twenty years, above all in how much its fiber was used for obtaining the fuel. To date, the natural fiber of this plant continues to be widely used in many sectors, including the textile, green building, cosmetics and medicine sectors. This is why the protection of this species is at the center of projects carried out by the Ministry of Education

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