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Peruvian thevetia, yellow oleander: the tree of suicide

Ornamental plant of origin from Central America, Thevetia Peruviana is an evergreen tropical shrub cultivated in areas with mild climates. In areas with very cold winters, in fact, it would not survive the winter and would have to be moved to a greenhouse.

It is a poisonous plant and, for this reason, in some countries it has been dubbed “suicide plant” due to many successful attempts and not to take its own life by ingesting some parts of this tree (flowers, seeds or leaves)
However it seems that only 10% of the attempts have been successful and, for this reason, it is considered not too reliable as the ultimate goal for the aforementioned purpose.

As mentioned above, this plant is suitable for mild climates and for this reason it prefers sunny and bright locations.
It does not tolerate frosts and climates that are too cold, but as far as the soil is concerned it is well suited but, being able to choose, better and better, a well-drained soil rich in organic substances.
Although you are satisfied with rainwater, in case of excessive drought, it is good to remember to water it every now and then.

Precautions and warnings
Never forget the venom of this plant! Treat it with gloves (in the strict sense of the word) and keep it away from children or pets!
Although the most poisonous parts are the seeds and their lethality is not 100% proven, it is better to avoid in any case any direct contact with humans, animals and, first of all that accidentally, someone ends up eating some parts.

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