Boronia: the flower of serenity

Boronia is a type of plant with flowers and fruits that is used both for ornamental use, given the impressive beauty especially in bloom, and for the properties that are good for the human mind.

Of Australian origin, this plant was also introduced in Italy, due to the dazzling color of its star-shaped flowers, which vary in shades of white, pink or fuchsia.
The leaves are very fragrant to the touch, especially if they are pressed between the fingers.
Due to its not excessive size, between 80 and 90 cm, it can be transplanted into parks or gardens for an aesthetic project dictated by style.
The flowering period goes from the first true to the late summer, guaranteeing the presence of these beautiful flowers for a rather wide period, at the end of which fruits containing small seeds are released.

Cultivation methods

Not tolerating excessive cold and lack of light, this plant must be placed in a place where many hours of sunshine are guaranteed. Because it flourishes at its best, you can opt for a mixed soil of peat and sand, although it usually does not imply particularly demanding requests regarding the underlying land.
This plant should be watered when the soil is very dry, because it does not like water in abundance, maintaining an average every two or three weeks.
To fill a garden starting from a few specimens of the same plant, it is necessary to help its propagation by taking the woody branches grown during the year and transplanting them in pots for at least two years, before being placed in the free ground.
It is also important to remember that despite its size, this plant needs a pruning of about 2/3 after the flowering has taken place so that it is ready for the next one.

Diseases and treatment

They are plants usually exposed to the external environment and for this reason they can be attacked by fungi, in particular by white malice or scab. For these reasons it is necessary to treat them beforehand with antifungal products that cover all the species.


Boronia is a plant that seems to have characteristics that give serenity to anyone who receives them, both for its well-defined colors and for the star shape of its flower. The adaptability of this plant is well known, since its export from the Australian territory and for this reason it is very successful also in Italy.

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