The protected sea of the lands of Pisa

Free and wild beach in Marina di Vecchiano and sunbathing on the limited number beach in San Rossore. On foot or by bicycle in the pine forests, floral species and rare animals.

The natural park of Migliarino, San Rossore and Massaciuccoli is bordered by thirty kilometers of constantly moving beaches, protected by dunes and pine forests.

We are in the Terre di Pisa in front of a unique sea along the entire Tyrrhenian coast, where equipped beaches alternate with the nature reserve: Lecciona, Bufalina, Bocca di Serchio, Lame di Fuori, Dunes of Tirrenia …

The mouths of the Arno and Serchio create in this stretch of coast a peculiar geographical condition that hosts numerous rare plant and animal species such as the Fratino, an endangered bird, which only here has found the right habitat where to nest and reproduce.

Where today the dunes and pine forests of the current natural park extend, a brackish marsh originally stagnated, part of an ancient lagoon that stretched up to Pisa. It was the Grand Duke of Tuscany Ferdinando II de ‘Medici who wanted these wild places, populated by wild boars, fallow deer and foxes, in his possessions, convinced that he would adapt well to the mild climate of San Rossore, as indeed happened. However, it took several centuries and extensive reclamation works for this vast territory to become a destination for naturalistic visits and a treasure trove of biodiversity.
Today, in fact, it is possible to get lost among paths that, like thin veins, cross forests of poplars, holm oaks, pines and ash trees; admire the colors of sea soldanella and hibiscus; look at herons that calmly glide over the waters or gray cranes that doze, regardless of the nature that never sleeps around them.

The Tenuta di Migliarino, in the municipality of Vecchiano and that of San Rossore, in that of Pisa constitute the heart of this naturalistic wealth. Migliarino extends to Marina di Vecchiano, a long free beach (interrupted by three small equipped spaces that use strictly natural materials) sandy and wild which laps from the mouth of the Serchio laps Torre del Lago Puccini. Here a dune system of great interest extends, in which halophytes and halotolerants grow, which are not present in other areas of the park due to the erosion of the coast.
The municipality of Vecchiano, together with the University of Pisa, wanted to emphasize the importance of this biodiversity by promoting a unique botanical garden project, that is, an artificial dune that can be visited for educational purposes.

The extension and the consequent variety of landscapes are peculiarities that attract visitors from the most diverse desires: contemplatives and lovers of the sunset on the sea can participate in summer excursions on pristine coasts while sports enthusiasts will not miss long rides in the pine forests of San Rossore or maybe they want to get to know the landlord of these lands better, the horse. In fact, there are six equestrian centers that offer excursions in the company of gentle quadrupeds, which slowly cradle to the innermost woods.

The park hosts two WWF oases: the Dunes of Tirrenia and the Bosco di Cornacchiaia which organize walks and many activities.

Photos: Marina di Vecchiano


A classroom with the sky on the ceiling, the stage of emotions

Despite the restrictions, children can also participate in the camps in the park this year.

The Equitiamo riding school, immersed in the San Rossore estate in the Sterpaia area, has already started operations and offers a green open-air classroom. Environmental education lessons are held in a large green meadow, plus walks in the mysterious natural environments of San Rossore and the stage of emotions where children tell their companions the sensations on the days lived in contact with nature and animals , first of all the ponies. Trips with your bike are also scheduled, which is properly sanitized by the organizers.

The camp is suitable for children aged 6 to 11.

Information and registration: t. +39 338

The solar field organized by the Lipu Oasis on the San Rossore estate is called Adventure in the Park, which alternates naturalistic laboratory activities with sustainable excursions in the most significant areas of the Park, from canoe trips on the lake to bicycle excursions in the immense forests of San Rossore, until the discovery of the wildest beaches, to end the week with an activity dedicated to environmental volunteering where children can reflect on the meaning of taking care of the environment in which we live.

For information and registration: t. +39 0584 975567 –

Landscapes photos

On the Gombo beach to observe the sea

The natural beach of Gombo, with its dunes and the view of the petrified forest, becomes the protagonist of a new excursion, on an experimental basis, which adds to the numerous guided tours organized in the Park of Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli.

The heliotherapeutic activity of the ‘Buca del Mare’, managed by the San Rossore Recreational Club, restarts with renewed structures in wood and natural materials and with the novelty of the guided tour every day until 13 September, with 15 umbrellas available from Monday on Friday and 10 on weekends.

It starts from Cascine Vecchie with a vehicle made available by the Visitor Center and the arrival at the natural beach in the area called ‘La buca del mare’, where you can stay under an umbrella, sunbathe and enjoy the beauty of the beach, respecting the environment and the bathing ban.

Reservations: t. 050 530101

Price: 30 euros (transfer and umbrella)

Participants must comply with the antiCovid security provisions.

Excursions, guided tours, bike rental and the electric train

Carriage ride, heliotherapy on the beach, bike rides along the paths of the estate. Just rent a bicycle or a bicycle / wheelchair, or explore the park on board a horse-drawn carriage pulled by strong TPR horses. Saturday and Sunday the tour is available with the electric train through the woods and pine forests of the estate with arrival to the sea. Departure at 8.30, 9.30, 10.30, 11.30 from the parking in via Pietrasantina.

The service is free, upon reservation until seats are exhausted.

Reservations: t. 050 530101

Worship and culture. The basilica of San Piero in Grado

Tradition has it that Saint Peter landed here, coming from Palestine and heading to Rome, in 44 AD. The column with the marble top used as an altar during the mass celebrated by the founder of the Christian Church is still preserved in the apse. Noteworthy are the frescoes by the Lucca painter Deodato Orlandi depicting the first Christian popes. The splendid Romanesque complex in tuff and white marble is embellished with elegant ceramic decorations dating back to the 10th century AD, depicting boats or simple geometric motifs.

Info: 050 960065

Photo Pisa

There should be no need for many presentations but in the photo on the left the famous leaning tower of Pisa and on the right the Duomo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987.

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