The 5 most beautiful flower markets in the world

Nothing can illuminate and furnish your home better than a composition of fresh flowers. Even if you are not a garden expert, there are many cities that host flower markets within them. It is in these magical places full of the smell of nature and the colors of the rainbow that you can find flowers, plants and bulbs for all tastes. Even if you are not interested in one of their products, these glimpses of green are able to detach your mind from the city for a moment, allowing you to observe it from a different perspective, from a unique point of view. But what are the best markets in the world? Let’s find out together.

5 – Marchè aux Fleurs Cours Saleya, Nice

Among the suggestive destinations that France can offer, Nice certainly ranks in a position of honor. It is in this ancient southern city that you can find the flower market capable of receiving the Marchès d’Exception, a title assigned by the National Council of Culinary Arts, which recognized this small heritage as a jewel for the city. The compositions and exotic flowers displayed under the striped awnings seem to blend with the buildings of the ancient southern city, allowing for a moment to abandon the present time and let oneself be carried away by the mind in those settings of French films, in which the stories of love in the vineyards and in the fields lived among whispered songs and romantic promises in the moonlight.

 4-Bloemenmarkt, Amsterdam

One of the most famous painters of all time, Van Gogh, could not have found inspiration for his paintings only thanks to his incredible talent. In fact, Holland, a land of tulips, hosts a fascinating and ancient flower market known as Bloemenmarkt, located in Amsterdam. To distinguish it from its competitors is primarily its position, as it stands on the Singel canal … but not near the canal, but directly above it! In fact, the nurserymen and the vendors carry out their activity aboard jetties and floating barges, exhibiting their colorful compositions available to customers, who can experience an experience different from any other, in the midst of roses, tulips, narcissus and bulbs considered of excellent quality from many gardening experts.

Discott, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

3-Adderley Street Flower Market, Cape Town

South Africa is able to proudly present itself in this ranking, earning a third prominent place. Credit for this goes to Adderley Street Flower Market, a market located in the capital where you can find an impressive number of floral species. Among them there are also some rare endemic species, which are almost impossible to find in other parts of the world. Among the multicolored bouquets it will be impossible not to have to deal with the vendors of the market, famous for their fluent language and the ability to offer customers compositions suitable for any occasion. Such is their skill that it has made them a hallmark of this impressive market.

2- Marchè Aux Fleurs, Paris

If Nice is able to charm, Paris is able to charm. And it could not be otherwise from the city of love, where passion is also brought to the birth and care of bulbs and compositions. This miracle occurs at the exit of the Cité metro, in what is the center of the Ile de la Cité in Paris. The Marchè Aux Fleurs therefore presents itself to the tourist as a greenhouse of giant proportions, supported by a wrought iron structure that on all days of the week, except Sunday, presents with its flowers a show worthy of the best paintings by Toulouse Lautrec, in an old fashion and romantic atmosphere worthy of the French capital and second place.

1-Columbia Road Flower Market, London

However, the first place in this ranking goes to London, which hosts the Columbia Road Flower Market. This flower market is located in the hipster district of the London capital, whose stalls and banquets emerge on Sundays among pubs, vintage and antique shops to show the world their quality. Among the flowers present in the numerous exercises it is possible to find evergreens, roses, calla lilies, orchids and lilies, as well as small trees. It is clear how difficult it is not to find something that can furnish and embellish a house or apartment, making it a perfect destination for couples and families. Particular note of merit, in addition to this incredible collection, should be made about the presence of a selection of aromatic herbs, essential in the preparation of exotic cuisine, present there with a supply from all over the world.

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