Torenia fournieri: the colorful flowers with long flowering

Setting up your garden or terrace with ornamental plants and unique features is certainly a good option to make settings attractive and finely decorated. In this regard, it is worth mentioning Torenia Fournieri which, due to its flower color and versatility, is suitable for different types of cultivation. Among the various types of plants belonging to the Scrofulariaceae family, one of the most beautiful of all is certainly Torenia Fournieri, native to the tropical areas of Africa and Asia.

Among other things, it is an annual specimen that includes several species, some of which can also be grown as perennials. The most common variety in Italy is the Torenia Fournieri, which is a small plant characterized by densely branched fleshy stems covered with a large number of leaves. Unlike many others, these compact plants grow well even in areas with partial shade, and the flowers are trumpet-shaped and available in different shades of color although the most common are dark blue-violet and lavender with yellow spots. Inside each flower, a pair of stamens (the thin stems) unite in a shape that resembles a quadrilateral from which the plant’s common name derives.

Cultivation methods

In order for the typical Torenia Fournieri flowers to grow from seed, it is first necessary to prepare the latter six to eight weeks before the advent of winter frost. Having said that, it should also be added that the seeds can be sprouted both in terracotta pots and in peat pots to be planted in warm climates even in the embankment of a garden. However, it is essential not to cover the seeds too much with soil as they need light to develop. The soil, however, must be kept slightly humid, therefore with regular watering, and must have a fertile and clayey soil with a slightly acidic pH. However, good drainage is essential to prevent root rot. On the sidelines, it is important to emphasize that to keep the flowering of Torenia Fournieri luxuriant, it must be supplied during the growing season (from spring to autumn) with a liquid fertilizer or slow release granular fertilizer.

Diseases and treatments

Torenia Fournieri is a plant that generally does not have major problems with pests or diseases. However it is susceptible to the formation of fungal spores such as powdery mildew which can discolor and damage the leaves and stems. Providing this specimen with optimal growing conditions and good air circulation will help prevent most of the aforementioned problems. Furthermore, it should be noted that some common garden pests including aphids and whiteflies can be potential predators of the flowers produced by this specimen.


Torenia Fournieri at first glance expresses a unique beauty, since it is a specimen characterized by abundant blooms and small trumpet-shaped flowers of various shades and ideal for decorating a terrace with suspended vases. However, one of the most popular features of Torenia Fournieri is linked to the fact that the flowers that appear in the first days of spring remain in sight until summer, and in some areas with a mild climate even until the beginning of autumn.

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