How to choose the right time to visit (and check from home) the tulip fields in Holland

Choosing the right time to embark on a trip to the colorful Holland during the flowering period of the bulb flower fields, can sometimes be a bet with the pace of the season which, although in tune with the spring and summer blooms , risks making us take a trip that does not always meet our expectations.

If gardens and flower beds are cared for by gardeners and therefore constantly colored and filled with flowers with a unique beauty, the fields of the region of the bulbs are often regulated by the annual climate and perhaps in “delay” in case of prolonged cold or with flower cuts. if the heat of late April forces growers to anticipate this process to preserve the freshness of the flowers.

Unless you have already planned your trip in the height of the season and, in this case it will be more difficult not to find most of the blooming tulip fields and many colorful flower beds, there is a sure way to check the trend of the blooms in the region. flower bulbs and, if necessary, plan a last minute trip or a visit to the area to admire the splendor of the fields in bloom:

Flower map 2021

By clicking on the green flowers icon you can view the corresponding fields and their current flowering status. Whether you are already in Holland or planning a trip, this will help you know where to go to make sure you find colorful expanses of flowers already in bloom.

The purple camera icon indicates interesting monuments. This can be very useful if you want to visit something else and perhaps find gardens and flowerbeds tended by Dutch gardeners.

The yellow camera icon indicates local floral attractions. You probably won’t see many icons like this for a few months. After the pandemic, many will return.

Bikes, hotels and car parks are the classic icons of bike rentals, accommodation facilities and, of course, car parks.

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