Verde Grazzano 2021: info and program on the Piacenza market exhibition

Verde Grazzano is more than an important and original exhibition – a quality gardening market. It is the gateway to a club or to a community of true and competent enthusiasts who, year after year, meet in the sumptuous Castle Park of Grazzano Visconti. Like every year, also from 24 to 26 September, they will come from Italy and also from Germany and Slovenia and even from further afield, to find themselves in this world suspended in history, truly unique.

Where to be able to compare with carefully selected nurserymen, exchange opinions and experiences, share the pleasure of discovering news, cultivars not yet placed on the commercial market, first-fruits of the sector reserved, exclusively, exactly for this event. “In last September’s edition, we invited everyone to make green and beauty the natural antidote to the uncertainties and anxieties of the moment”, underlines Luchino Visconti, who with Allegra Caracciolo Agnelli and Federico Forquet, promotes Verde Grazzano. “Despite the bad times, many have accepted our invitation. To them, and to all the friends of the Green this year we owe a Verde Grazzano that offers new ideas, new ideas, new plants, new stimuli, that knows how to fascinate and above all gratify the neophytes but also those who, habitual frequenter of exhibitions like ours, he fears he will not find anything really new in it. For the happiness of our guests, we have asked all our exhibitors, and we are talking about the Gotha of the sector in Italy, to amaze our and their public, bringing to Verde Grazzano at least one new cultivar, and we are already receiving confirmations that we they are really very happy.

And that will certainly intrigue our guests a lot “. Also for this edition, what is the distinctive feature of “Verde Grazzano” and which makes the event truly unique is confirmed and reiterated. That, that is, to admit only producers, thus excluding all “intermediaries”, ie those operators who do not produce their plants, but limit themselves to reselling those produced by others. “For this – says Luchino Visconti, with legitimate pride – it is possible to be the showcase of choice for the preview presentation of new cultivars, the results of new crossings, as well as essences of very recent acclimatization in Italy and therefore not yet present on the market. “. “A choice that, in the three previous editions, has been rewarded in terms of attendance and purchases and that will not fail to be so also in this one which is now near”. The magnificent Castle Park will host elegant and functional settings, suitably spaced to avoid any gathering. In the grassy areas of the historic park, some nurserymen will create real examples of ephemeral gardens, from which to draw inspiration or even to copy.

Carlo Contesso, famous designer of gardens and terraces, will be available for advice, suggestions on site and in preview on the social channels of Verde Grazzano (Instagram) and Grazzano Visconti (Facebook and Instagram) Furthermore, according to a fixed calendar, each exhibitor will have the opportunity to illustrate his professional history to interested visitors, what underlies his choices and what his nursery offers new. Verde Grazzano for this, but not only for this, makes the difference.

Where, how, when

The fourth edition of Verde Grazzano awaits you from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th September at the Castle Park in Grazzano Visconti (Pc).


HOURS Friday 24/9 from 14.00 to 19.00; Saturday 25/9 and Sunday 26/9 from 9.00 to 19.00

TICKETS, visit the website

TEL. 347-4650324

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