Posidonia oceanica: the lungs of the sea

The sea, like the air, needs its plants and oxygen.
Posidonia oceanica is one of the most important plants ever for the conservation of the sea and coasts. It is an endemic species of the Mediterranean that contributes to the oxygenation of the sea, to the prevention of coastal erosion and to the nourishment of various marine species.

For these reasons, Posidonia oceanica is a protected plant, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
In the Mediterranean it is an indicator of sea purity and occupies an area of 3% of the entire marine space.
Although it is not a highly endangered species, the annual loss is perceptible and the problem of slow reproduction of new grasslands even more important.
For this reason, the preservation of Posidonia Oceanica is of fundamental importance for the health of our seas and people.

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