2018/’19 season

December 4th, 2018: Starting with the blooms in December is never good news. Perhaps a surprise, but the mild climate of these days has also surprised nature and see the first crocuses before Christmas surprise a bit ‘.
Blame the bulbs, the fault of the climate?
We’ll see how the spring will go…

Leaf, dew drops

April 2019: spring began with a dry and mild climate but, after a few weeks, the rain finally arrived … The blooms in our garden are a little late even if the first tulips begin to appear showing a little colored … Protected by wet leaves take their time …

Muscari, floers, garden

The punctual muscari with their intense blue never miss their appointment. As soon as the weather mitigates me and the days get longer, suddenly appearing, bringing color and joy to the garden.

Tulips, flowers, garden

Finally the tulips. When we are almost at Easter they finally bloom with all their beauty and the colors that distinguish them. They certainly could not miss in our garden.

Allium, flowers, garden

Despite the bad weather, even the Allium managed to bloom. It took a long time, because we are over the middle of May and this year the climate is still autumnal.

The time has come for roses too. With the first warmths of these late May our very fragrant rose garden suddenly blossomed like every year.
From now on we look forward to summer flowers and the last blooms of roses.

With great joy and surprise this small but high flowerbed of zinnias, begliocchi (careopsis tinctorium) and flowers that are still blooming and I have not yet identified well, has colored my garden even more.
Purchased in a bag of mixed flower seeds, I did not know until everyone blossomed what I would have had in the garden …
A real beauty in the middle of summer!

This wasn’t the best vintage for hydrangeas, but in the end, a couple blossomed anyway.
The largest plant has produced almost nothing, while the younger, smaller one has managed to give some small purple flowers.

October may end this year full of blooms. If May was very cool, delaying the start of spring, October is giving it mild climates that seem to extend the summer colors indefinitely.

The roses of October are now faded but, after so many blooms, so many attacks of pests, rain, hail and the intense summer sun to see them still bloom is an immense joy. Even the perfume is not sparkling like that of spring but it is there and that’s what counts!
See you next spring!

If you want to have the garden still in bloom in mid-October, zinnia is for you.
In spring I found in a nursery a bag of mixed flower seeds from which these colorful zinnias have sprung up, they seem to never want to give way to autumn! As one wilts, a new bud appears and the flowerbed continues to color the garden.
For months.

The lantana, finally, I tried to take it in pot in full spring even knowing that it is a flower that is well suited to Mediterranean countries and climates. However, after a bit of initial “fatigue” I planted it on the ground, where it began to grow and, to my surprise, to flourish again from the beginning of October.
We will see how he reacts to the winter of the Emilia hills.

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