Year 2015

1st March

As planned and hoped, begins with a nice flowered snowdrops the season 2015. The melting snow and him, without too much waiting, check the grass and flowers for the first time by stealing at all … even to spring …

beautiful pink and in single file, exactly as they were planted, these Darwin, were the first to go, ahead of even the old ones more mature! Directly from the floating flower market in Amsterdam (Thanks Christiana for gift!), To the hills of Emilia Romagna, the step was short …

Out of every rule these tulips have blossomed with incredible lag behind all others. They are called Ice Cream and have the shape of an ice cream and see them for the first time in his own garden was an immense satisfaction!

I thought flourish in the fridge;-)

All together with a few cm from each other.

By mid-May here is also amaryllis, with all their elegance, beauty and charm … the speed with which they grew was really amazing … From  Netherlands to the sun in 40 days …

In June, and this is the first poppy with its deep red leaves almost no photograph

and with poppies, other small and colorful summer flowers that were waiting with happiness!

Should be white sunflowers but, as you can see from the picture, the yellowish is not exactly disappeared altogether. This hybrid sunflower nice result in the end is a nice large daisy high, for now, one and a half m. approx and the clear color!

Despite the heat and the sun of late July, finally the time has come gladiolus. The bulbs of these towering and colorful flowers arrive from Keukenhof, the famous park of Dutch flowers. Around there, in a small kiosk, one afternoon in late April, I saw them, bought and planted just got home … Here are the results after a few months 🙂

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