year 2018

1. We are at the end of March and the first flowers to bloom this year, were the daffodils. Yellow and elegant, as always, color the world and spring.

2. April begins with the flowering of the frittillaria imperialis with its intense orange and its unusual shape

3. In mid-April the daisies fill the lawn while the muscari color the flowerbed blue. The tulips have finally blossomed and, with their colors, brighten up the whole environment.

4. May brings the roses that, with their perfume invade our garden and with their color attract the fascinated looks of everyone.

5. Finally, after two years of planting, the first calla lilies also flourish. Suddenly, on a rainy day at the end of June, with their white whiteness, I find a beautiful flower blooming among the green of the leaves that are growing endlessly upwards.

6. In July the hydrangeas begin to color and our garden is almost complete.

7. August gives us the first sunflowers with their strange pom-poms shape. While waiting for reds to bloom, we enjoy the intense yellow of these.

8. Even the red sunflower blooms when we are at the gates of mid-August. The heat is intense but nothing can stop this beautiful colorful show.

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