Year 2020

This slightly anticipated spring which has so far kept us anxious about the major problems related to the health emergency of our country, has certainly not stopped the blossoming of first flowers and the advance of the season.
With the first myths of March alone, the colors of tulips and daffodils also appeared

Suddenly we went from spring to winter and, while everything was starting to blossom and bloom, the snow came!
The tulips remained in their buds and the daisies closed again …
While the Daffodils are now braving the cold …

In this way

Finally, after a couple of days of mild weather, the first tulips also started to bloom.
The bright colors of this spring stand out among the yellow of the daffodils and cheer up the flower garden … They are only the first three, but spring begins to be felt now.

They suddenly appeared in the same pot where I planted the first tulips. These purple tulips with geometric and pointed shapes are much smaller but with incredible charm.
Here is the first

Suddenly popped at the beginning of April, this small white flower starts the flowering of a flowerbed of flower bulbs that I bought in Holland a few months ago. I don’t know what flowers will be born but, looking at this, the small bulbs seem to correspond to many white muscari like this.

This flower is also part of the “mysterious” bag purchased in Holland a few months ago. We are at the beginning of May and it begins to open, even if it seems more like an explosion in slow motion.
So, at first glance it seems to be part of the Allium family, but only when it is completely open will it be clear what it is.

Now the doubts are almost gone. Much of the mysterious bulbs contained in the Dutch flower pouch are Allium nigrum or greater garlic.
The height of these colorful flowers is, for now, approx. 60-70 cm and four of these are slowly opening up.
Others smaller, grow slowly. Over time we will find out what flowers it is.

As the blooms evolve, it seems to understand that this Allium can actually be an Allium ampeloprasum. It almost looks like a purple firework which when expanding turns green and, with its colors, fills the garden with joy

This flower is always part of the “surprise” bag of the Dutch bulbs and, although it has cost us some difficulty to photograph it, it seems to be an Allium Siculum.

The first of the two flowers that we gave ourselves with the reopening of the nurseries, after the lockdown, was this splendid alyssum. Here in the Bologna hills, I had seen many bushes grow vigorously and, I thought it was a good idea to insert it among the flowers of my garden

Lavender also immediately went to the shopping cart as soon as the nurseries reopened. I was very impressed by the incredible number of bees that revolved around this fragrant and famous flower and, I thought, my garden could not live without it!

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