Orticolario 2022: the event on Lake Como is back in attendance

The event dedicated to landscape and nature returns to its original form, in attendance, in the park of Villa Erba, on Lake Como, from 29 September to 2 October. The title of the twelfth edition is “Groncioli di fiaba”, the theme is the fairy tale, while the plant is Bamboo.

Cernobbio (CO), February 14, 2022 – “We don’t need magic for change the world: we already have within us all the power we have need, we have the power to imagine things better than they are ”.
Orticolario borrows the words of the British writer J.K. Rowling to build her reality. As? With all the imagination she is capable of, after two years, she turns the page again by organizing the twelfth edition in attendance, from 29 September to 2 October in the park of Villa Erba, in Cernobbio (CO), on Lake Como.

To give even more value to the return to its original form, it draws on the deepest sources of inventiveness. Here, then, is the title of Orticolario 2022, “Groncioli di fiaba”: in the Tuscan vocabulary the groncioli are the pieces of leftover bread; therefore, the title of the event evokes puddles of pure, uncontaminated, imaginary nourishment. Precious squat, which save from the hunger for fantasy, and which need to be saved, preserved. The theme and the plan of the year follow this concept: the first is the Fairy Tale, the second is Bamboo.

The fairy tale, the theme

From the dawn of time the fairy tale has walked, walked… From one place to another, from memory to memory, from word of mouth. It lives in narration and in listening, it tells the soul of peoples, the flow of existence and its truths, but it is at the same time the territory of the marvelous, where anything can happen. In the initiatory journey of the fairy tale, the landscape – from the forest to the garden – is the scene of events and the creator of metamorphosis, a space where nature, portal towards the supernatural, tells of its ancient relationship with man. “The fairy tale is the mirror that reflects the deepest part of each of us – says Anna Rapisarda, curator of Orticolario. The powerfully intimate and personal freedom to “wear” its meaning allows us to feel it as our own. In the belief that it is not just a question of listening, but of perception “

Bamboo, the plant

When you enter the world of bamboo, you find yourself between dwarfs of a few centimeters to giants up to 40 meters. In Asia, Europe, America and Africa, their people live from sea level to mountain and grow with incredible speed. From an ancient mystery guarded in flowering, to false myths and to the truths, new and old stories echo among the bamboo leaves and canes.
“Bamboo is an extraordinary plant, a grass around which, in Italy, there is misinformation and prejudice – underlines Moritz Mantero, president of the event. It is a plant to be rediscovered, to be enhanced. It is used from the sprouts to the cane and can be used in various ways: as a weaver I also recognize the main role of bamboo as a producer of fiber. It also boasts an incredible number of varieties and various properties, first of all a great ability to purify the air “.

Notes Orticolario

Orticolario, now in its twelfth edition, is the cultural event dedicated to those who experience nature as a lifestyle. Theater of the event is the botanical park of Villa Erba in Cernobbio (CO), a nineteenth-century residence overlooking the shores of Lake Como, the childhood summer residence of director Luchino Visconti. A distinctive feature of the event is the proposal of thematic gardens and artistic installations inspired by the theme of the year, among which the creations of the selected in the international competition “Creative Spaces” stand out.
The event, which in 2019 touched the threshold of 30,000 visitors, is enriched by a wide range of rare, unusual and collectible plants, artistic crafts and design with more than 290 rigorously selected exhibitors, a full calendar of meetings and numerous didactic-creative workshops for children, as well as performances, film screenings in the dungeons of the Villa Antica and floral shows. At the center of the exhibition, art, capable of going further and breaking down the boundaries between inside and outside. During the three days of the event and for the rest of the year, contributions are collected for the Amici di Orticolario Fund, which supports projects for the promotion of landscape culture and for five charitable associations in the area. The next edition will take place from 29 September to 2 October 2022

Orticolario in short

29 September-2 October 2022 Villa Erba, Cernobbio (CO), on Lake Como

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