My plant&Garden 2022:everything you need to know about the Milanese international green expo

Myplant&Garden is back from 23 to 25 February 2022, the Milanese international green expo.
Lively green, flowers, cut, machinery, design and landscape, pots, nutrients and seeds, services, decorations and accessories are the main macro-sectors around which the event develops.
Almost 700 brands on display transform the FieraMilano-Rho pavilions into a gigantic greenhouse of four and a half hectares dedicated to every moment, aspect, opportunity, vision and innovation of green-living. From laboratory research to the most advanced services, from the most traditional proposals to the most modern productions, the plant world, materials, projects, knowledge, science and creativity will be present in the new edition of the International Green Exhibition. At the service of collective well-being, the culture of greenery and commercial channels.

To date, there are 115 official delegations of international buyers from 30 countries, especially from Europe, the main outlet market for Italian products (84% of exports), the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East (emerging market).
The presence of large distribution brands (Garden Center chains, GD, DIY, Home & Garden, e-commerce), of well-known names of Real Estate, of the Public Administration, of municipal technicians (Environment, Green, Public Works sectors) ), the management of parks, gardens, historic houses, botanical gardens, sports clubs and associations, hotel chains, universities, and thousands of operators in the supply chains.

Green connection

attrezzi da giardino

The best productions, the most important brands, the protagonists of the market and the culture of greenery meet at Myplant to confront each other in a marathon of meetings and activate new synergies. Dozens of in-depth and comparison appointments, many of which in collaboration with the Orders and the main representatives, leagues, professional associations, trade confederations. The calendar of events dedicated to green sports, tree-climbing landscape, fashion shooting, floral demonstrations, exhibitions, weddings, points of sale, motorgarden, design, construction, innovation and trends is very rich.

Among the curiosities in Myplant, the treeclimbing trials of the lumberjacks, the gardening demonstrations, the contests with the world masters of floral decoration, the oldest fruits and the most recent innovations, settings for wedding ceremonies, new botanical hybridizations, garden centers of the future, secular olive trees and mammoth bonsai, rivers of blooms and monumental cacti, organic and eco-sustainable productions, smart gardens for the home, equipment for vegetable gardens and gardens, eco machinery and wi-fi for the care of greenery, new patented plant species, clouds of tillandsia, hydroponics and aeroponics, vertical greenery for interior design, traceability and product safety, outdoor flooring with high durability even in hostile and high-performance environments, soil stabilizers, bio-accelerators and plant growth propagators, eco-sustainable and biodegradable pots, herbs and cactaceae, new accessories and equipment for points of sale …

The Myplant pavilions

Pavilion 20

Pavillon 20 is an invitation to grasp the potential of an increasingly necessary synergy between the world of green architecture, urban planning, supply and maintenance of greenery, be it sports, public, private and hospitality.
This is the sense of the continuity of the spaces between the major brands of the green supply chains – motor garden, trees, lawns, outdoor products, construction materials … -, the participation of professional studios, the area dedicated to meetings on the project, the landscape and sport. From living green to infrastructures, from regulations to supplies, the Sports Green becomes the heart of institutional and commercial relations of a fundamental sector for the economy of the entire country.
The Landscape Area offers visitors product previews, innovative materials, quality projects, special initiatives, meetings with key players from the world of business and architecture, PP.AA. and delegations looking for customers, suppliers, services, ideas and solutions.
Urban Green Management is the section reserved for the management and implementation of green and naturalistic heritage (agro-engineering, agronomy, phytopathology, enhancement, programming, diagnostics, survey, sharing of orders …). UGM is made up of the best entrepreneurial and associative realities with complementary skills, engaged in the same sector

Pavillon 16

Inside the pavilion there is a huge range of horticultural and horticultural products (from herbs to indoor plants, from bonsai to cactaceae, from succulents to green coatings, from fruit plants to trees …), services for markets and businesses ( logistics, software, graphics, printing, distribution …), of vases and containers (from nurseries, shops, domestic, outdoor and urban furnishings, of every shape and material, with a large presence of recycled and recyclable materials), of the technique in general, from substrates to nutrients, to solutions anti-parasitic.

Outdoor area pavilions 16-12 – Demo Area

In addition to the important showcase inside Pavillon 20, an outdoor testing area is reserved for the motorgarden, tools and equipment sector between the Pavillons. 12 and 16 by Formazione 3T.

Pavillon 12

Pavillon 12 – introduced by an installation by Bloom’s Accadamey – Patrizia Di Braida Floral & Event Designer with Italian flowers supplied by AFFI – Associazione Floricoltori e Fioristi Italiani – presents a double tour: on the one hand the world of flowers and decoration from which related activities branch off; on the other, technology, greenery and accessories. The Décor District is the lively arena of floral and botanical decoration and creativity, venue for contests, shooting, laboratories, debates and workshops with the great masters of floral decoration, floral design ateliers, international collectives, industry trendsetters. As a side dish, the very important product offer for professionals of the flower and decoration market.
The other part of the pavilion is reserved for a wide and large selection of horticultural, floral and nursery proposals from Italy and the world, where the product offer is divided between greenery, accessories and an increasingly complete review of products and solutions for the protection and yield of productions (both for soils and for plants – from pesticides to pesticides to pesticides, nutrients with fertilizers, fertilizers, substrates, soils …).
Here you will find the set-up dedicated to the garden outlets of the future: Garden Center New Trend, particularly innovative in terms of concept, set-up,
product and thematic contents – with a range of exhibition, commercial and service proposals for Gds and the world of distribution. There will also be an important competition initiative by FIORItales, the new multi-channel publishing project resulting from the collaboration between Myplant and the Green Laboratory Editions dedicated to professional flower communities. A B2B project that sees the constant growth of attention from florists and decorators.

The special initiatives

Partner of Myplant for the 2022 edition, PANTONE® presents a preview of the spring / summer 2023 color collections based on the new Metaverse palette, a source of inspiration for the entire Décor District.

“The partnership with PANTONE®, which will be present at the fair, offers the international community a new way of conceiving floral decoration, giving space to creativity and beauty by intercepting the next color trends from the most authoritative source on a global level. Over the next few years, the unprecedented palette presented at Myplant will become a central element of inspiration for the colors, the formal, aesthetic and emotional suggestions it arouses “.

Within the Décor District, international trendsetters from the world of floral decoration, fashion and wedding will offer their exclusive interpretation of the new trends. Exhibitions, flower-fashion shows, debates and workshops will investigate the Metaverse, accompanying experts, operators, academies and visitors on an unprecedented journey into the colors of the future and into the future of colors.

Myplant&Garden Tech

It is the connection point between research, businesses and markets, aimed at promoting the world of innovation in the green supply chain sectors, aimed at Green Business & Innovation Technology. Real and virtual exhibition space, it will highlight technologies, research and experiments to discuss the issues of Ecological Transition in the fields of cultivation, gardening and landscape, in an area characterized by high interactivity, with live demonstrations and dedicated workshops.
Faced with the current and forthcoming challenges that are now essential for the whole world, the green supply chains have many arguments to develop: from phytopathological protection of the land to policies to combat climate change, from water saving solutions to the use of carbon-based equipment. free energy, from the development of bio-architecture, high-yield greenhouses, hydroponics and aeroponics to the contribution in favor of environmental sustainability, from the drive to chemical and genetic research to the constant study of new hybridizations to the incentive for the circular economy, from biofertilizers to precision agriculture, from the protection of biodiversity to food safety, from the natural fight against fine dust and pollution in general.
A list of things, visions and predictions that it requires to be able to be analyzed continuously. “What Myplant intends to activate with MyplantTech is a place where specific and sectoral knowledge and skills meet, cross and fertilize each other, in the name of a broader vision and a long-term horizon. By producing concrete, tangible, verifiable, salable and affordable innovation. “

Sky farm

During the fair, the winner of the I Giardini di Myplant (5th ed) creative design competition called Sky Farm will be announced. The theme of the competition, promoted by Myplant in collaboration with the Minoprio Foundation and SATAC SIINQ and coordinated by arch. Umberto Andolfato (AIAPP), was the design of a vegetable garden (Sky Farm) on a portion of the roof of the newly designed destination center Caselle Open Mall (COM), located in Caselle Torinese (TO) near Turin international airport Sandro Pertini.
The aim of the competition was the conception of a large green roof area (project area size: 3,900 square meters) equipped with educational, multisensory, rehabilitation and convivial paths, contemplating the presence of traditional and automated ground garden gardens and transparent structures for hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaponics.

Conferences at Myplant&Garden 2022

Horticulture, green management, construction and landscape, garden retail, sports green, technological innovations, decoration and flowers, greenery and health: these or macro-themes that will be explored in the very rich program of conferences, meetings, workshops and meetings at Myplant 2022.
The large green community of experts, operators, technicians, associations, orders, companies and institutions returns with pride and safety to the pavilions of FieraMilano Rho.
Myplant 2022: a unique wealth of knowledge available to all representatives of the vegetable and built green supply chains. Discover the constantly updated program of meetings on the Myplant website:

Where, how, when

Fiera Milano – Rho Pero
February 23-25, 2022

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