Orticola 2022: everything you need to know about the 25th edition of the Milanese market exhibition

Orticola returns in its historical guise on the second weekend of May, bringing with it a fundamental message for human well-being and health.
Plants, flowers and gardens are a primary good for man as well as constant contact with nature.

Walking in a park or in a wood, cultivating a vegetable garden, working in the garden and staying connected with plants are all actions that help develop and maintain constant psycho-physical well-being.
Orticola’s goal is to reach anyone, showing once again that the benefits of plants and nature are innumerable and available to everyone.
In a world that increasingly leads us to move away from greenery, increasing our pace, the level of stress, for example, staying in contact with plants can help us live better.

25 years of Orticola in short

The first edition of Orticola dates back to 1866 and was held in the hall of Palazzo Dugnani, one year after its foundation.
The first edition in Palestro in what have become today the gardens named after Indro Montanelli is dated 1996.
From the 37 exhibitors of the edition at the end of the 90s, we have reached 160 of this edition, without counting the numerous initiatives that, over time, have alternated and have enriched the Milanese market exhibition.
We can remember, for example, the Grape garden, that of the Butterflies or the Garden of Fabrics in 2006, up to the Flower Gardens born in 2011.

Peony Orticola Milan

Roberto Gamoletti, author of ‘Orticola Milano’ has been dealing with the hybridization of peonies at an amateur level for 25 years and has been a member of the American Peony Society since 2000 where he has registered, to date, ten hybrids, seven of which are shrubs.
From the passion for peony and gardening, very particular hybridizations and colors were born, including the Peony Orticola Milano, a herbaceous hybrid, early flowering with semi-double flowers, slightly scented.
The plant can reach a height of 76 cm and saw its first flowering in 2014, about seven years after the seeds germinated.
Since 2017, the subsequent multiplications and selections have been followed and operated by the G&G Buffa nursery in Poirino in the province of Turin.

The Nymphaea thermarum in Orticola

Only for this edition Orticola will host a unique rarity all over the world. This is Nymphaea thermarum, an aquatic plant in Rwanda with a very special history. The Nymphaea thermarum lived in a small spring which, due to the exploitation of the waters, has disappeared.
Only thanks to the restoration of some seeds and the great work of Carlos Magdalena, a botanist from Kew Gardens in London, was it possible to save this unique plant from extinction.
Water Nursery, a Latina nursery specializing in aquatic plants and engaged in the research, cultivation and conservation of ‘native’ and endangered plants, will bring Nymphaea thermarum to Orticola.
NT is a difficult plant to cultivate and, given its rare characteristics, it can only be grown indoors with the right conditions.
It is not for sale but will be a gift for the association’s collection, as well as for the Botanical Gardens

The other plants of Orticola

The Marrubium friwaldskyanum, exhibited in the Cascina Bollate stand, is part of the typical flora of Bulgaria.
It is a species considered in danger of extinction and inserted within the protected areas of the European ecological network ‘Natura2000’. Anthurium luxurians is a particularly rare Anthurium, but in May will be present at Orticola!
Plant that Plant, located near Malmö in Sweden, will present an initiative linked to the benefits of indoor plants, in particular to some species that are particularly suitable for growing in the home.
Philodendron, Anthurium and Monstera, are the most used to decorate rooms, as some can adapt to the lack of lighting and humidity in the air.
Monstera obliqua, immortalized in the 2022 image by Orticola, is a species of the Araceae family, native to Trinidad and tropical central and southern America. Like other plants of the genus Monstera, this species is an epiphytic climber (that is, it grows on another plant, from which, however, it does not derive nourishment, as well as numerous orchids). Its inflorescences become bright yellow.

Orticola per Milano

For 25 years, Orticola di Lombardia, a non-profit association, has donated the proceeds from the organization of the exhibition market to the city green; in particular, following the agreement with the Municipality of Milan, a part is intended for the Indro Montanelli Public Gardens and, in particular, for the arrangement and care of the Cerbiatti Flowerbed in front of the Civic Museum of Natural History. At the Perego Garden, in via dei Giardini, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities continue, as well as the growth, care and maintenance of “L’Altra Pergola.
Homage to Leonardo “, the mulberry pergola, just like the one depicted in the fresco by Leonardo da Vinci, realized in life-size in the Cortile delle Armi of the Castello Sforzesco da Orticola di Lombardia in 2019, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the master’s death. Orticola’s commitment is also aimed at maintaining the Garden of the Royal Palace where, on an old parking lot, an oasis for a pleasant stop in the heart of the city was born.
Other initiatives carried out by the Association in favor of the city, are the management of the Entrance Court of the Gallery of Modern Art. In recent years Orticola di Lombardia has also redeveloped the external perimeter, which opens onto the portico, of the courtyard of Palazzo Dugnani, with the creation of a back on which wisteria climb, while the gate has been covered with roses.
The Flower Gardens of CityLife are always active in Viale Eginardo, built over an area of ​​approximately 3000 square meters. Another project is the Ceresio Investments teak benches around the city. For some years Ceresio Investments has been a corporate partner of Orticola di Lombardia and has given away numerous benches to Milan, which are positioned in the Milanese public gardens, to find the benches just turn around the city and look around.

The free courses of Orticola

Around the exhibition-market, some spaces for gardening courses dedicated to adults and children. The calendar of events will be updated on the official website of orticola.org

All info for visitors

exhibition-market of flowers, plants and unusual, rare and ancient fruits
from Thursday 5th Mayfrom 14.00 to 18.30
Friday 6 May, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 May 2022 from 9.30 to 19.30
at the Indro Montanelli Public Gardens in Milan Entrances from via Palestro, piazza Cavour and Palazzo Dugnani via Manin 2

The purchase of tickets is exclusively online on the orticola.org and midaticket.it sites. Tickets are available for purchase at a cost of € 12.00.




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