Spello’s infiorate are back on 18-19 June 2022

The Corpus Domini infiorate will return thanks to an anti-covid safety and prevention plan that will soon be presented.
All this, for now, is made possible thanks to the decisions taken in a recent meeting between the board of directors of the association of infioratori, some local authorities and the parish priest of the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Maggiore and San Lorenzo di Spello.

The security plan should provide for an online booking system that regulates access to the infiorate and allows anyone coming from the rest of Italy to book the entrance to attend the infiorate in full compliance with current regulations.
In addition to about two thousand clubs, thousands of tourists arrive from all over Italy to attend the event and, guaranteeing the right amount of safety in such a particular period, while allowing such an important event to take place, becomes essential.




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