May is the month of roses: on May 6, 2022 the gardens of the Quistini Castle reopen

Starting from Friday 6 May until early June, the gardens of Castello Quistini will reopen to the public, a magical place that is the setting for numerous events and courses. On the occasion of the spectacular flowering of over 1000 varieties of roses, a calendar of openings has been planned, offering the possibility of free visits and guided tours in the labyrinth of roses admiring the unique architecture and atmosphere of this much loved Franciacorta jewel.
For those taking part in the guided tours there is a tour entitled “Among roses, history and legend” where, accompanied by Marco Mazza, you will be guided to discover the numerous botanical curiosities of the garden without neglecting moments dedicated to the history and architecture of the building.
The garden is also a nursery specializing in ancient, modern and English roses, so whoever wants to can buy and take home a small part of the castle green treasure, as a reminder of a special day immersed in the greenery. Visits are limited and reservations are required using the form you find on the website

Rose al Castello Quistini

The rose labyrinth of Castello Quistini consists of three large concentric circles composed exclusively of roses, with a gazebo in the center covered with a splendid single-flowering climbing rose (Banksiae Alba and Banksiae Alba Plena). The three circles are in turn divided into four circular sectors that tell the story of the roses: at your entrance the first plants are wrinkled roses (hybrid and spontaneous) in the direction of the gazebo, crossing four bushes of modern ground cover roses. On the right, the modern roses, while on the opposite there are the ancient roses. In the southern sector (towards the nursery the English roses of David Austin), up to the arch covered with a beautiful old rose named Alfred Carriere.

Within the calendar of events on the website there are numerous theoretical and practical workshops open to all and with a limited number on the topic of craftsmanship and green living with real experts in the sector. For example, you can learn how to make terrariums or learn how to make a clay pot or learn about famous Japanese art techniques.


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