Year 2022

With the arrival of spring, a new flowering season begins for our small garden. Traditionally, tulips and daffodils color the first flowerbed. white, red and yellow, to begin with.

aiuola fiorita

In mid-May the first roses blossomed…
This year we planted new fragrant yellow / orange roses in the garden
They tend to be a little pink, but let’s see how they will become as they grow up

After the first colored and fragrant roses, the very white ones have also arrived that had already been in the garden for a few years … Let’s see how long this first flowering will last with the heat of late May

We are now at the end of May and the Piracanta has exploded with a white and intense flowering … Who knows how many orange berries this autumn will have if this is the case now?

he one in the photo below is instead a gift that enriches and colors the garden of 2022: Dipladenia is in fact a climbing plant with colorful flowers that must however be followed, especially in winter when it will be very cold in this area and certainly will no longer be in an environment favorable to her as in this period…

July 16, 2022

Despite the great heat, the yellow roses are starting to bloom again… and apparently they are quite fragrant too. They don’t last long but, with almost 40 ° C you can’t expect too much!

Even hydrangeas are struggling to bloom despite the heat!
Despite the shady position it helps a lot, this summer heat slows down the blossoming of flowers a lot…
We wait patiently…

July 28

After an afternoon and a night of rains and thunderstorms (and weeks of African heat), we realized that a couple of wild flowers have sprung up in the garden and are totally welcome!


The cornflower is typical of this area but we hadn’t seen many of them in the garden. With its deep purple, it brings a new color. We hope many more will blossom!

Mentha suaveolens

This is instead a mentha suavolens plant that has sprung up in the shade of our small vineyard. It should have fragrant leaves and over time, it seems, can become a weed.
We will keep an eye on it!

The first sunflower bloomed when we arrived almost mid-August.
Despite the heat and some thunderstorms, the sunflowers have grown and begin to bloom.
They are not very high this year but it is still nice to see their colors arrive on time with the summer!

Rosa e girasole

On a gloomy August morning, the tallest sunflower and the fragrant rose decided to start blooming together … A feast for the eyes and a great satisfaction for myself. In a few days we will have big, beautiful and colorful flowers!

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