“The fruits of the castle”; 1st and 2nd October at the Paderna Castle in Pontenure (PC)

For the 2022 edition of I frutti del castello, which will take place on the first weekend of October (1 and 2 October) in the park and in the halls of the medieval castle of Paderna near Pontenure (PC), a rich cultural program is being finalized. and entertainment around the themes of botany, the environment, gardening, but not only.
“Today, in order to please all visitors and act as a cultural catalyst, a gardening event that is not just a market must know how to wander – says the hostess Cristina Pettorelli – and for this we have added little things a little different to take back their time , for example, a green corner where you can knit with the Knitviktim Association, the scientific tasting of ancient Emilia Romagna fruits, the Japanese tea ceremony that teaches you to re-appropriate everyday gestures and charge them with a higher meaning “. Some conversations and book presentations will revolve around topics that are curious only by chance, in reality they involve the world of plants and the environment with contemporary scientific skills.

The grapes also have parents (Saturday 1st October 11.30 am). A working group of the CNR of Turin has been carrying out research on vines for thirty years, taking a backward journey towards the recognition and protection of the old varieties of vines of the North West of Italy. Stories of reconstructed paths, of international surprises, of crippled and transfigured names, of feeble but important clues, of prolific parents and other avaricious in giving up good genes. Anna Schneider, CNR researcher and custodian with a small group of scientists from the ampelographic collection of Grinzane Cavour (CN), tells with passion and a thread of suspense the story of her thirty-year work and the significance of keeping alive the biodiversity of the vine.

Plant blindness (Sunday 2nd October 10.30 am). What is plant blindness and why is the UICN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) dealing with it? The Bolognese naturalist Andrea Cattabriga, member of the UICN for succulent plants and nurseryman, takes stock of a recent discovery of a problem that has roots far back in human history. But today we can no longer be blind; without the awareness of the importance of plants for our life, there can be no future.


What does snow have to do with it? (Saturday 1st October at 5.30 pm). Food preservation, the pleasure of frozen wine in ancient Egypt as in the Roman world and today’s environmental problems, from snow to cool food to snow that is no longer there. History, environment, economy are intertwined. Professor Alberto Grandi at the University of Parma talks about it when he tells his new book, released in May by Aboca Edizioni, The Incredible Story of the Snow and Its Disappearance. From Mesopotamian civilizations to the refrigerator, from cocktails to the climate emergency.

How strange, how good! (Saturday 1st October at 2.00 pm). The exotic vegetables that can be grown in our climates told by Alessio Gennari, naturalist by training and gardener by choice who, in his synergistic garden in San Secondo di Parma, welcomes the horticultural biodiversity of the entire planet, especially edible exotic species at risk of extinction. Every summer, 800 species and varieties give flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves, roots to the table and participate in the conservation of the genetic heritage increasingly eroded by agricultural homologation.

Timetable: Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October, from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm.

Admission to I Frutti del Castello is with a ticket at a cost of 10.00 euros per person. Reduced € 8.00. Free for children up to 14 years and for non self-sufficient disabled people.

Visitors to the event will have access to:

– Ample parking;

– Refreshment point and cafeteria;

– Purchased goods storage area

More informations:

I Frutti del Castello

Tel. 3349790207

E-mail: info@fruttidelcastello.it

Website: www.fruttidelcastello.it



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